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  1. Default help with breeding

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    I have done alot of research on the web about betta and breeding. I only wanted 1 and now have 7 beautiful betta.

    First, I chose the 2 that I wanted for breeding, then I put them in a tank seperated by a clear divider for about 2 weeks.
    My female has been showing signs she is ready, but when I put them together he gets very aggressive. I left them for a few hours, but she got quite wounded. She still insists on trying to get to him, but I thought maybe he needed more time. I waited another few days. Today I went to see how they would do and he is less aggressive toward her, but I noticed that she has already released eggs that have fallen to the bottom of the tank and are just laying there. He has not built a bubble nest and is not interested in the eggs at all.
    Will she lay again? Why doesn't he seem interested? How can I help him to be ready?

  2. #2


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    I read somewhere that show to him another male will help him to make a bubble nest

  3. Default

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    Yes she will lay eggs again.
    There can be a wide variety of reasons behind the fact that he isn't ready to breed. How is the tank decorated, water level, water parameters etc.

  4. Default

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    Ok, so I did more reading here about Betta breeding. I went outside last night disappointed and looked down and saw a leaf. I washed it off and put it in with them so it could float on top. I just got home from work and guess what, he made a nest and it is already full of eggs!! I am so excited. They were swimming together and he was looking after the egg nest. I did remove her and fed her some good bloodworms.
    She still looks bloated though. I am wondering if she is done releasing eggs. How do I know? I have read everywhere to take her out immediately after releasing eggs. I did not see the embrace or the eggs.

  5. Default

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    So I checked after work today and all the bubbles are about gone and so are the eggs. What happened? I mean I didn't get them into the actual breeding tank I was going to use, but since he made the nest I was going to leave him. I left the light on all night so he could see the eggs and he was taking care of them. I don;t know where I went wrong. Any help would be appreciated from anyone who has had successful spawns. Thanks.

  6. Default

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    The first few spawnings can fail untill the fish learn.

  7. Default

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    I got my 10 gallon tank set it up with heater, sponge filter, plenty of plants and I am going to either get a big leaf or a styrofoam cup. They are not getting along right now, but I am going to try again. If they do not work out, I went and got another pair that I would like to try with.
    Using the same pair to continue to try is ok, right?

  8. Default

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    Yes that is ok. They usually don't get along for a time after a spawning.

  9. Default

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    I have fry today!!! They are swimming all up and down. I think they are the coolest thing ever. I just left them together and they did it. He is taking care of them very well, but they look really hard to keep up with. Thank you for your help. I will keep you posted how the process is going.

  10. Default

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