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    no they don't. they have a little like tiny but not near enough that they need.
    can you not find anything like hikari crab cuisine???
    thats what i feed mine and it has added calcium on top of the calcium already in it. So it is really good. You can feed some of these with the shrimp pellets so it is a good thing to look for. If you can't ask your LFS if they can order it in for you.

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    One of my fiddler crabs molted a couple of days ago. I left the molt in the tank and a few days later it was gone. I just did a water change today. I moved some things around and theres much more room. Im planning on getting another tank probably later and I'll put a few in it. I tried the fiddlers in gravel and it works fine. One made a burrow under a piece of driftwood I had in the tank. Why is it that they always crowd around the heater and the filter I have in the tank? The next time I go to Petsmart Im gonna pick up a few ghost shrimp for them.

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    cool...molting is a good sign. means they are eating and growing. great work yeah they ate it fast to get the calcium out of it.
    I have yet to figure out why they hide under the filter and heater. Mine do it to. My guess is that they are just trying to find a place to hide so they think that they are secure in there.

    Could you post pics of what it looks like??? the tank??

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    I did a water change and I remembered I didnt prepare the salt water. So I just added them into the tank. They seem to move around more and interact with each other since I did that.

  5. Default

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    they are doing better after the water change???
    i don't understand what you mean.

  6. Default

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    I did a water change and while doing the water change I realized I hadn't prepared the salt water for the tank. So I just added freshwater. A few minutes after I did the water change and added the freshwater they seemed to move around more than they did when the water had salt. I think they enjoy the freshwater. I just noticed that they seem to enjoy each others company. They all sit in this one corner of the tank on land. This is just out of curiousity. Would it be ok to house 1 in a 2 gallon terrestrial tank with water changes being done every other day?

  7. Default

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    One of the fiddler crabs must've molted last night. Theres a molt fight in the middle of the tank. Two of them are over in the corner where they always are and one is on top of the filter I have in the tank. Im guessing thats the one that molted.

  8. Default

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    um...well they may move around more in FW but no matter they need BW. I don't know why they are moving more...maybe cause the water was clean??? i wouldn't put a fiddler in a 2g tank. That is WAY to small. You could put one in a 5g maybe?? 2g is too living in a closet.

    Congrats on the molt. Make sure you leave the molt in the tank as they will eat it for the calcium.

  9. Question Question

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    so, i just set up a new aquarium for my fiddler crabs and i just got sand for them. i've treated the water and let it set for a day before adding my water suppossed to be a little cloudy? i was thinking that it was maybe because of the sand..its not too cloudy, definitely better than it was..but i'm just curious.

  10. #90


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    If its cloudy because of particles from the sand, It will clear up in a day or two. Sometimes water also appears cloudy because of air bubbles trapped in it. This too shall pass.
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