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    The filter has a strong current is that ok?

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    well whatever it should work....the crabs are very dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tootie123
    The filter has a strong current is that ok?
    yeah it should be fine....if the crabs are having a hard time then you can turn it down or get another one with a current that isn't so strong.

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    I read on a site that I can have four females in the 10g. They said if I get a male he should be the only one in the tank. Im gonna see if I can go to petco and get the sea salt and hydrometer. I have a $5 gift card from petco so that will help. What do I use to add the sea salt to the tank? Do I keep adding salt until it reaches a certain level of salinity? When Im done adding the salt and I wait Im gonna get 1 fiddler crab and if it stays alive I'll get 2-3 more. Im gonna upgrade to a bigger tank after christmas so dont be angry with me. How do I acclimate them if the Petsmart where I'll be getting them keeps the in freshwater? How do I acclimate them is theyre brackish? Im new to brackish. The petsmart where I'll be getting them has them in a terrestrial setup with gravel and they have a waterfall that goes into the water. I really want to get them today since this might be the only day Im gonna get a chance to go to Petsmart or Petco.

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    well i have never heard of 4 female going into a 10g and if you add a male it can be the only one?? weird.
    what site is it??

    to add the salt use a bucket and then add the salt to the bucket of water and then add the water to the tank.

    to acclimate them you can just put the crabs right into the tank. Thats what i did and mine are doing great. They are pretty hardy.

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    So when preparing the salt water all you have to do is get a bucket, pour some in, mix it together, and check the salinity. How long does it take to prepare the salt water? If I buy the salt today and the crabs can they wait in another container while I prepare it or will it stress them out? I read that fiddler crabs are ok in low-end brackish water. Im gonna get a small bag of marine salt since a big container is almost $16. Im debating on whether or not to get the hydrometer that looks like a thermometer or the on you fill with water. I have a small container I can use for their drinking water (needs to be dechlorinated and freshwater prepared daily). I have all types of fish food. I have dechlorinator. The tank is already setup and there is dry land. There is a heater in the tank at 80F and there is a small filter in the tank (rated for 1-5 gallons). I was asking if I needed a heater since our house stays in the low 70s. Im gonna do waterchanges every 2 days. I have a lamp next to the tank and I made sure everything is secure so they cant get out. Im gonna go with gravel in this tank and when I upgrade to a larger tank Im gonna go with playsand. Im still lost with acclimating them. I read squirt_12's post and thought he just waited till the temp was stable and added them. I still wondering if the salt levels have to be the same. Do I need to have calicium for the tank? I used to have snails and someone suggested I go out and buy a cuttlebone. I have a calcium mineral stone that says its made with calcium and iodine. I read somewhere that fiddlers need them both. I only added on fake plant (which is silk) to the tank as Im afraid of then eating the plastic ones I have. I think I have everything needed forr them and if I dont I'll get the supplies. If You guys think Im ready to get the then I'll get 1 today and get more tomorrow. I dont want them to die so people give me all the info you think I need to know and more.

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    I know they need sand, but I like gravel better. I saw this website any they provide info on them and they keep their crabs in a setup with gravel. Here is a link to the website.,

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    Im gonna get sea salt and the hydrometer.

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    Im going to wait till after chrsitmas and get the supplies and fiddlers.

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    good idea.....when you go to get the crabs...i would get 2. Just so that they have someone to be with. cause i heard you saying that you were going to buy 1 first.

    also...they WILL shed their exoskeleton as they grow...when they do..leave it in the tank as they will eat it and get the calcium out of it.

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