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    Default Firebelly toad care

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    FBT are very undemanding. they can be kept in bad conditions without caring, but of course theyre happier in cleaner tanks. the minimum tank size is a standard 10g, and you can house 3-4 toads in it (for standard tanks, the rule is one toad/3g of water, for long tanks its one toad/2g water).

    their tank should be set up for maximum running space. since if they swim all the time they will be susceptible to arthritis at a later age from no running, i often fill the tank with water to their necks so they have water and can run. however, you may slope substrate up on one side and have a deep pool of water on the other so they can do both, either or. note that gravel should be larger than a pea since they may accidentally ingest pea sized gravel and choke. for their setup, they also like driftwood, moss, and plants. also, remember, theyre good jumpers so a sealed top to the tank is a must.

    filtration and heating are a total option. i dont use a heater because with only 1" of water in my tank its unsafe. if you have a tank 20G+ with deep water go for it, they like about 75F. filtration is also an option, i dont use it but you can use a submersible filter and 100% change the water every month, or no filtration and change it every 2 weeks 100%

    for feeding, crickets are by far the best. their natural instinct is to eat crickets, and theyre pretty filling so i use fullgrown 3" crickets. my 3 get about 10 crickets every couple of days. some people say they can eat bloodworm and pellets but its not right, they can live off of only crickets.

    for lighting, its not a must, but its recommended for the day, even a weak incandescent fixture is fine. theyre nocturnal so when the lights go out its playtime.

    and finally, for tankmates, you can add firebelly toads, or in 20g+ tanks with a heater, filter, and deep water some fish. even though firebelly reptiles release a toxin, it wont excrete much (it tires the toads making the poison so its only in case of emergency), only when proned my an enemy (like a cichlid with the toads), so guppies and zebra danios are a few hardy favorites to go with the toads. just a note that the fish may get eaten if the tank has no deep water.

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    Excellent post Cocoa, was very informing!

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    Very informative. Nice job. I want to set one up for my girlfriend, she thinks theyre so cute.

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    I have a caresheet I typed up for work for firebelly toads. I can post it if you guys want. I wasn't sure if it would come across as 'here is my opinion' or 'look, I can do it too.'
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
    Owner: Aquarium Maintenance Company
    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishguy2727
    I have a caresheet I typed up for work for firebelly toads. I can post it if you guys want. I wasn't sure if it would come across as 'here is my opinion' or 'look, I can do it too.'
    Can you post it for us? I'd like to see it. A friend of mine was talking about getting a couple. Thanks!

    And thanks for the info, cocoa!!

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    Yeha I'll second that. My girlfriend likes them and one of the LFS's here is selling 10 gallons for 9 bucks brand new. I actually jsut got mine from there, its cycling now. Dwarf puffer tank with ottos in it, but I do like firebelly toads.
    20 Gallon
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    4x Juvenile Red Wag Platy
    3x Red Wag Platy
    1x Dwarf Honey Sunset Gourami
    2x German Blue Rams (M+F)
    3x Otto Cats

    65 watt 10000k Flourescant Light
    Live plants, driftwood, rocks.

    10 Gallon
    Not sure yet.

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