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    Default Boof's Nano Return (sort of)

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    Hi everyone....err, whoever is still here. I hopped back over to the journal section and the once-thriving part of the forum seems like it hasn't had any posts for nearly two months.

    Well, I've been fighting myself for quite some time about getting back into the aquarium game. A few weeks ago I decided that after the last year of working remotely from home and staring at the same dang wall that I needed something else to look at to retain my sanity. Within a few days I had myself a tank, substrate, driftwood, and some plants (that were dying from delayed shipping) to play with. Two weeks into it and it was stocked with crystal black shrimp and a few otocinclus (otos are the only fish I trust with pricey caridina shrimp). Three weeks into it and everything is thriving.

    My tanks in the past have always been about variety, but I wanted to keep this one simple. It is here to help me relax while I work; I don't want to be fussing over a large tank. I opted to go for my smallest tank yet, a Spec V (5gal). I have it planted with staurogyne repens, bucephalandra, and anubias nana var. petite. I also have some frogbit currently in there to help keep nutrients in check until the staurogyne carpet fills out more.

    I'm running pressurized CO2, a Finnex Planted+ 24/7 HLC on custom program, and dosing dry ferts. Using RODI water that I remineralize with Salty Shrimp GH+ as that has always been a clean remineralizer for me in the past. TDS is only about 115-120ppm with a GH of 5* and ferts. I went with Fluval Shrimp Stratum substrate this time instead of ADA Amazonia. It's much cheaper and still buffers the pH without leaching ammonia for six weeks like the ADA did for me. Plants seem to love it, but I've also grown monster plants in pool filter sand in the past so I mainly got it for its buffering capacity.

    Anyway, here is the tank as of this morning compared to a few weeks ago. My plants had been delayed in transit and were almost dead when they first arrived. Lots of yummy ferts, CO2, and healthy light got them to bounce back nicely in just a couple of weeks, and you can't argue with the speed of growth haha

    Beginning tank.jpg

    recent tank.jpg

    I forgot to add that for those curious, the Spec V tanks are all-in-one tanks. They have a built-in overflow/sump system on the side so that you can put all of your equipment (pump, media, heater, CO2, etc.) in there and not have anything cluttering up the display section of the tank :)
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    Good to hear from you, Andre! Do I see a few ottos hanging out in the corner? Also, Bob Ross appears to be putting a happy little ocean wave next to your tank.

    The AC forum has pretty much dried up and blown away. It's sad. A few of us are hanging out at, if you want to join the party over there. They made me a moderator, God help 'em. Anyway, it's kind of like this forum used to be. I check in here once in a while to see if I have any messages from old friends--glad I did today. Hope you're doing well!
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    Hey Andre good to see you! I havenít been around and been out of the aquarium game myself. I am in a really great place in my life now, have an 19 month old daughter and a 7 month old son! Thinking about getting back into it. I have had several spec Vís they are great little tanks.

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    Hey everyone - well 3 of you, anyway. I've also gotten out of the hobby for the most part. I recently sold my 40g, 25g and 2 20g's, all of which were stocked lightly to moderately except for my overstocked endler guppy tank and all had tons of plants. I offered them for little cash but a lot of labor, and had one person respond to take all 4 tank/stand set-ups as they were and to dismantle and move them, which was a big deal for me. He brought help to move them out but did all of the draining, catching fish, removing plants, etc. himself. I kept a Spec V running which has one male endler and 2 hastatus cories right now. This needs a bit of attention but I'll bring it back to glory. I have another Spec V and 2 5.5g tanks all cleaned out and a couple of small driftwood pieces that I'll offer when I get around to taking some pics.

    I'll occasionally visit forum sites but my interest is limited now. I'm so happy to be rid of the maintenance of the larger tanks and can now more easily plan to have my floors refinished, something that has caused me angst for a few years as I wondered what to do with these tanks.

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