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    Default good vs bad algae

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    Is there such a thing as bad algae in a tropical tank? I like to keep a certain about on the walls of the tank for the fish to snack on. Usually it's the peppery kind that sticks to the glass. What about the furry kind and the leather stuff that grows on my glass canopies?


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    green is good, brown is hard to get rid of. and the white stuff is not algae, it is fugues.

    lol we need more detail bro.
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    There is a deep green algae that grows in little tufts or in carpets over the backing and decor which can give a beautiful natural look... I like this one ;) This is also the only one algae eaters 'really' enjoy and like to eat.

    All others have to go I'm afraid as they will slowly destroy plants - black brush algae, red algae and then the worst the cyanobacteria algae Blue Algae which can be so toxic it can kill your fish over a long time.
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    Sorry to butt in but, I have some dark brown fuzzy looking algae growign on my plastic plant is this safe, if not how do I get rid of it. Even if it is okay I'd still like to get rid off it cause U hate how it looks in my tank.

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    Brown is easy to get rid of. It is a low light algae so all you need is a new bulb or more light. Ottos are also good at taking out brown algae.
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    How would I get more light for my 20g other than buying new bulbs, right now it has some pretty powerful lights not the best out there but, I dont really want to spend my money. Also aren't plecos almost the same as ottos?
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