Good-day so this past weekend I picked up a 75 gallon tank with the tank the person I bought it from had a Fluval 406 I've never used Fluvals but a friend of mine swears by them with that being said I want to run two filters when I set up the new tank I have an Aquatop filter I am using but I am probably going to seed the 406 from the aquatop and run it for a little bit on my existing tank then move it over to the 75 when I am ready.The aquatop works great but it is a bit brittle I can't count how mant baskets I've had to replace.With that being said when I hook up a second filter I'm going to probably stay in the same family and get a second 406 or a 407 being I would like to run identical filters and be able to interchange everything between them.

I am going to have plants in my tank and the fish I currently have that will be being transfered over are as follows

x6 border loaches
x1 rubbernose pleco
x1 albino bristlenose pleco
x8 platy's
x8 Diamond tetras

want to possibly add a shoal of 6-7 odessa Barbs once the 75 is up and running

I run two circulation pumps presently and would like to continue running circulation pumps along with adding a second 200 watt heater

with that being said I am asking for your guys knowledge on how you would set this tank up as far as placement of the intake & outtake tubes for both filters along with the two heaters and two circulation pumps with the extra foot of tank length I should be able to have a nice landscape just a bit confused on where everything should be located in the tank I'm going to try and keep my higher plants along the back wall and use low lying plants for the front