Sitting here thinking about the year, and the fact spring is on its way soon, I have come to the conclusion that USA and even more so president Trump for keeping nz from full lock down.

It's come out that we were meant to be locked down over 18 months.

As it is 6 weeks has nearly crippled the nation, cause mass suicide, a issue the government hide, and will prosecute you for if you try to speak out about it.

Followed by job loss, huge health care death list, due to criticle ops being post poned due to the lock down, is now cost huge amounts of life in nz as well.

Thanks to trumps live streams and the internet we had enough people in power push for the same thing as USA to stop out priminister from complete internet lock out and take over.

We are so close, I hope this election the people are awake enough to see the dangers of this lady pm Jacinda ardern and kick her out before she is fully able to lock us up as a nation.

As it is I still am unable to fly out of nz to Ozzie.

But china can fly to us!
So thank you USA for the actions you have done, you have saved nz from or postponed the iron curtain issue.