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    Default Aquarium Plant Woes

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    Its great to be back after more than 4 years I think.

    I'm having problems with my plants thriving in my tank. I have recently changed my tank from an African cichlid to South American cichlid. Here is my stock right now:

    1 Golden Severum about 5" in diameter
    1 Electric Blue Jack Demsey about 5" long
    1 Firemouth - about 3-1/2" long
    3 Clown Loaches

    My tank size if 55 gal - Dimension : 30" long x 24" deep x 18" wide

    My substrate is the TopFin black gravel

    My plants include the following:

    6 Vallisnerias
    4 to 5 Cabomba
    8 Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus
    3 Anubias Nana glued to a rock decor
    1 2" x 3" patch of Christmas Moss tied to a wood decor
    Several patches of Micro Swords planted in the foreground

    My decors:

    1 wood branch about 14 to 16" long (where the Christmas Moss is tied to)
    1 wood like decor I got from PetSmart about 18 long

    I have a heater that's good for a 40 to 55 gal tank

    I have 2 Aquatech power filters each capable to filtering 20-40 gal tank.

    Water Temp around 78 to 80 F.

    Water pH between 6.5 to 7.2 but not sure.

    I have a Finnex 24/7 Planted+ HLC-24A LED Light 24" Fish & Planted Aquarium Light

    I have purchased another Finnex 30" PLANTED+ 24/7 HLC SILVER AQUARIUM LED but has not arrived yet.

    I have attached a snapshot of what my tank looks like right now.

    I have started purchasing plants online about a month ago and stared to propagate as I get them. The Vals and Cabomba are all planted at the background followed by the Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus a bout 2 inches in front of the 2 plants I mentioned. Both the Anubias Nana and Micro Swords are planted in the foreground. I have the aquarium lights on overnight (about 12 hours of lighting), I have also inserted several Root Fertilizer tabs by Osmocote...roughly about 4 to 6" apart all over the tank. I have also squirted about 6 to 8 squirts of Easy Green Fertilizer that I purchased from Aquarium Coop (similar if not slightly better from Seachem) per week.

    I have purchased the Vals and Cabomba for about more than a month now, the Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, Christmas Moss, Anubias Nana and the Micro Swords coming to about 2 weeks. I know that most plants when purchased will usually melt down since most of these have been grown out of the water. Amongst all the plants that I mentioned, the Anubias Nana are the ones that have not melted down and seem to be doing far. But the Vals and Cabomba seem dull and not doing well. A lot of the leaves especially from the Vals have turned brown and wasting away. Also the Micro Swords have melted so much that I think these might eventually die. Hopefully not =( The Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus looks ok but with all the fertilizer that I have already put in the tank I was expecting it to flourish.

    Per what I had mentioned above and all the parameters, tank size and fertilizer I have put in is there something that I am missing that will hopefully be the solution to help ALL my plants flourish?

    Thank you for any advice and comment you can give. I appreciate it.
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