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    Default Two filters one tank Question

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    Good-day I currently have a 65 gallon tank I am going to be upgrading to either a 75 gallon or 90 gallon in the future.I am currently running an aquatop cf400uv which I believe is a sun sun 304B.I would really prefer to run two cannisters.

    one of the members on here suggested running only one cannister he suggested a fx4 or fx6 honestly I think an FX6 may be over kill for my tank I'm thinking about going with an FX4 paired with my current aquatop I do however have two concerns

    1) my first being I do and will have plants though my fish love my current waterflow I am running two circulation pumps and its just the right water movement right now running a powerful filter such as an FX4 especially on a shorter tank than my 65 if I go with a 75 I know the filtration would be superb but would it be too much water movement

    2) my second question is if I run one superior filter in my tank coupled with a weaker Filter will it effect my filtration at all as I'm going to have intake and out take tubes at opposite ends of my tank will one end of my tank get better filtration this may not be the case but this is something I thought about.

    if I use my current aquatop 370 GPH paired with a much superior FX4 450 GPH Filter will it effect my filtering at all I don't think it will but I just have to ask

    its always better to ask


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    I suggested the Eheim 2217 or for a bigger flow the FX4. Not the FX6 which I agree would be overkill with the flow rate even on a 90 . I also suggested this in tandem with your current filter. The confusion nay have come from my suggestion on how to cycle your new tank. What I suggested initially was to set up the new tank with the new filter and do a fishless cycle on it to build a colony of BB in your new filter. Once the new tank had cycled you can move the other filter over (Aquatop) and the fish over. The tank will be cycled and both filters will have colonies of BB ready to go.

    Setting up 2 filters shouldn't effect your filtering, though I don't think you should have the outakes at opposite ends, you would want the flow going in one direction, not fighting against each other. That being said you can have the outakes at varying heights going in the same direction for a broader current.
    You can have the intakes at opposite sides.

    BTW my name is Natalia-Nat for short.
    75 Gourami/Eel tank
    Fish room-Astt tanks;all sizes

    75 Gourami Tank

    Fish Room


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    Thank-you Nat I actually read everything you wrote and pretty much got everything you were saying this post had more to do with set-up,pairing and cause & effect of two filters.the more I read about it the more I really like the fx4 I'm just not sure if I want to bring my aquatop over to the new tank as nice as it is I do have a bit of an issue with it,it's not performance as it performs very well my problem is it seems as though it's very cheaply made I'm constantly replacing the media baskets as they are always cracking and breaking on me as gentle as I am it always seems that after every couple of changes I am replacing the baskets I've spent almost as much buying replacement baskets than I did on the filter itself so if iffy if my current filter will be making it over to the new tank I will however keep it as a spare filter!thus my question about pairing with the fx4 I most likely will go with your eheim suggestion I just was not sure if pairing a more powerful/better filter with a good but not as good or powerful filter would there be any adverse effect which you pretty much answered!

    As far as the outakes go the way I have my tank running now which kind of creates a nice water flow is I removed my spray bar and have my outtake pushing from the back right corner to the front glass of my tank my two air pumps are pushing from the back right corner diaganol and angled slightly down to the left side of my other pump is pushing from my back left corner across the top of my water and heater to the back right corner where my filter outtake is this pump sits a little higher than the other pump this seems to create a nice circular motion you can see it if I have a loose plant leaf I watch it as it makes an almost complete circle around the tank the outtake pushes the debris to the front of the tank where it bounces off my wall and pushes across the front of my tank my right side pump then pushes it to the left even further if the intake fails to pick it up my back left pump then pushes it across the back of the tank where the outtake pushes it back around where usually after the second or third pass the intake will eventually grab it.

    This is what I'm not quite sure on by adding two filters that's why I figured with two filters I would have outakes on opposite ends one pushing across the back of the tank(where my one pump is pushing now) the second outtake shooting towards my front glass(currently) then if I still need more movement I do have some circulation pumps to work with its all about finding the right Angle to get that nice circular motion which after playing around for awhile I finally nailed really no dead spots in my tank with a 75 I would be playing with an extra foot so I'd have to just play a bit more till I get it right!

    Thanks again for all the helpful info Nat I started a new post because though my question had to do with filtering it was a bit of a different question than my first question which you answered wonderfully so I figured it probably needed its own post

    Thanks again Nat

    BTW I'm John

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