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    Jan 2015
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    Question 75G Mbuna in the works

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    Hey folks,

    Totally new to the African cichlid scene, but Hubby has set up and is currently cycling his 75G in the hopes of getting some cichlids into the house -- He was originally wanting a Cuban cichlid, but has decided to get little ones first before moving towards the monster fish.

    He's fairly green when it comes to keeping fish, and I'm teaching everything I can to help him along but the cichlid family (other than some S. American species) are still scary new to me. I've never touched them because the aggression part spooked me away, but he's been doing his research on what smaller species could live together well in his tank.

    This is the set up as of 1 week ago, and since then I've purchased him an Aquaclear 110 HOB for extra filtration and surface aggitation.

    It's black sand and red lavarock - pH is sitting at high 7's, I'm checking it every few days to see if there's any shift - originally when we started the cycle it was high 8's. It's also running an Eheim canister filter as you can see the intake in the photo. We naturally have hard water in our area, so I don't think we'd need to add any cichlid salts?

    Now, I know Mbunas are herbivorous fish, so I'm wondering if it's pointless to even try plants in the tank or if species like Anubias and Java fern may fare well enough. I've also taken 3 trimmings from a pothos plant and they're sitting at the top of the tank, hopefully they root nicely and help soak up the nitrates.

    We have yet to pick up a glass lid for the tank (it was a 2nd hand sale), so that's a must before we get any fishy friends, we also plan to get a veggie clip for the glass.

    Is there anything else I should be planning for with these fish? He's not planning to get all the species he wants in one go, but maybe 1 or 2 at a time in groups of 5+. He's still narrowing down the list of what species he wants - but we've been researching: Labs, Rusty, Afra (cobue), Acei (yellow tail), Hongi (red top), Red Zebra, Maingano, Snow white, Demasoni & Giant Demasoni

    Hes looking at keeping maybe 4-6 types of fish, but hasn't nailed down specific ones (other than labs) - Any advice on good beginner/friendly mbunas is welcome! (or any warnings about the ones I've listed above)

    Tips & tricks appreciated!
    Meet the tanks:
    75 Gal Community tank
    30 Gal Axolotl tank
    29 Gal Apisto. Borelli tank
    15 Gal Cube - Zen planted tank

    Hubby's 75 Gal - cycling - planned Mbuna tank

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    I'm new to African Cichlids as well. I'm hearing you want to keep Mbunas, which are more aggressive than Haps and Peacocks (A few exceptions). Fortunately enough, I'm familiar with almost all of the species you have on the list except for the Giant Demasoni. I can break your list down into two categories.
    1. Labs, Rusties, Acei, Red Zebra, Snow white compatible with peacocks and haps

    2. Afra, Hongi, Red Zebra, 12 Demasoni or else they'll be shy/bound to kill each other, Hongi compatible with other highly aggressive Mbuna or cichlids

    I am uncertain about Giant Demasoni though. The First list includes species that are compatible with Haplochromis and Peacock Cichlids. The Second List are Aggressive Mbuna ONLY list. The Most aggressive Mbuna come from the Melanochromis Genus, but I am not sure about other highly aggressive genera. It is best to overstock Mbuna unless you choose the Peaceful route.
    If you are planning to keep some of the bigger South American Species like Oscars, a 75 gallon tank at minimum. African Cichlids do live for 5-10 years depending on how they are cared for. If you don't like water changes, try something other than Mbuna. I do know that it is recommended to go with the peaceful Mbunas first. Unless you do research on Hybrids, don't get them.
    For a nice little trick, I would introduce them all at once, that way they can't really pick on each other as soon as they're introduced. The only badside on this is fighting for a higher place in the pecking order. Never get fish that are different in size, unless the larger ones are peaceful.
    Mbunas are herbivores, so yes; I haven't bothered even putting a plant in my 55 gallon Mbuna tank. Peacocks and Haps are more carnivourous and bigger.
    People will tell you to start with young Cichlids and let them grow. Make sure they are as close in size as possible or you're bound to have casualties if you get it wrong.
    Something about Aceis- I heard they aren't afraid of humans, and will hand-feed.

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    Nov 2019

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    I forgot to mention that in most species, the males hate each other. Mbunas are polygamous, and require several females per male. If there is not enough females, then the males will kill each other. There is a pecking order, which does cause problems if there are small fish at the bottom.

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    You've probably looked at videos in your research, but here's a couple of knowledgeable guys I like to watch in case you haven't seen these. (I know nothing about cichlids (except Angels)

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    Nov 2019

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    Looks interesting, I have done extensive research before joining this forum, back in the fall. I will take a look at these.

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