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Thread: Lurking

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    Sep 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfsamm View Post
    I absolutely adore my little guy he's full of tricks and plays fetch and drags stuff around like socks or his string toys, loves snuggles and food, follows us around.... Not like the independent self absorbed king/queen of the world I'm used to. He is definitely more like a puppy cat than any cat I've ever had before. But he's still full of cat too and absolutely rules to roost. The other night our black lab was up sleeping with me and kitten hops up walks around and laid on top of the dog.... Of course staring at the poor dog in triumph while purring and kneading away on pups shoulder.

    Pic.... his new toy he packs around is a gumby stuffy, just like the lab dogs he's packing something half the time and just like a cat as soon as the camera comes out he refuses to participate in the photo you wanted and decided to cat kill it instead.
    So, so cute. Who doesn't love a kitten? I'd have one tomorrow except that its activity would be too much for my dog to handle right now. But one day soon....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boundava View Post
    They eat dying plant or algae or anything they find tasty?
    They will eat delicate plants no matter how well you feed but tougher plants they don't bother when well fed. The did chew through all the stems and killed my tiger lotus in that tank but crypts, anacharis, anubias, bolbitis are all fine. They eat anything that starts decaying or dying. I feed a lot of leaves from my fruit trees that I pull as soon as they start yellowing in the fall and freeze as well as shrimp king snail food and a variety of shrimp pellets. They seem to like spinach and broccoli but haven't been bug fans of many other veggies. I didn't grow any squash last year so I think they'd like that but haven't tried it.

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    Hey, Samm! (and Matt! And Nat! And Sue!) Nice to hear from you. That's quite a menagerie you're running, there! Congrats on the upcoming truck and on your snuffage of the chimney fire. I've managed to avoid those so far, but you remind me I'm about due for a cleaning...

    Sue, sorry about your pup. It's so hard when they get old like that, and it seems to happen so fast.

    I've been mostly lurking too, since I'm only running one aquarium these days and it's been blissfully uneventful for several months. And the pond is frozen over--I'm sort of dreading the thaw, as I left it pretty over-populated and I suspect we're in for a pretty bad winter kill. Fingers crossed about that. We're seriously considering moving into town. It would be a bummer giving up this place, but it would get us out of debt, and having a house paid off with six years to retirement opens up a LOT of options, financial and otherwise. I'm also starting to grudgingly realize that there is going to come a time--not yet, not soon, but in the foreseeable future--when all the work involved with this place just will not be fun anymore. :)

    Two weeks from tonight, I'm releasing a new music album with a big (by Lander, Wyoming standards) performance. The album is called "Strengthen." It's a bunch of songs about overcoming adversity, inspired by my heroically happy mom whom I lost a few years ago after a long, long struggle with chronic pain. Hopefully it will be encouraging to people. If anybody would like to hear some, let me know and I'll see what I can do about sharing.

    It's almost a cliche to say it I guess, but I sure do miss a lot of my old friends that never come around here anymore. I'm glad to hear the four of you are doing tolerably well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Friends don't let friends use clown-puke gravel.

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