I have a 25 gallon tank which I clean every 7-10 days w/ 40% water changes and have been adding Seachem's Flourish and Excel for my plants with water changes and stress guard with water changes and about every other day as some of my guppies tails are a little bit up looking. Water parameters are: Nitrate 15 ppm, Nitrite 0, temperature 80deg. I have 1 albino teminicki pleco, 6 neon tetras, 3 cardinals, 3 male guppies and baby guppies (4, 2m.o. and 4, 1 m.o).

I have a couple neon tetras that are continuing to eat bubbles thinking they're food and giving themselves swim bladder. I didn't feed them for 2 days and they are still having this condition. It seems to be the same 2 lil stinkers that partake in these shenanigans and get themselves into a kerfuffle. Not sure what I can do to help them from themselves? All my other ones have normal looking stomachs and these 2 look slightly bloated. In the morning they are better, but when the light turns on and they go into eating mode they're after the bubbles. Any ideas? It's getting painful to watch them struggle.

Thank you so much!