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    Feb 2020

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    Default Morrigan's Aquatic Adventures

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    I love reading about everyone's experiences with their tanks over time so I thought I should start my own journal.

    I only have one tank at the moment, although I expect that will change in the future (just need to work out how to broach the subject of multiple tanks with the landlord...). I'm going to keep everything in the one thread though.

    So, the tank I'm currently setting up is going to be a shell dweller biotope in a 30(ish) gallon 24x18x18 tank. I have an Eheim 2213 cannister filter running on it.

    Substrate is a couple of inches of aragonite sand. I have a naturally high pH (8.0-8.2) and moderate hardness (100-125ppm) but I'd like to buffer that a little and I like the look of the aragonite. Hardscape is currently just one piece of Texas holey rock. I want to find a few more pieces just to build up a little height - more to cater to my aesthetic preferences than anything else. I've also ordered a lot (four dozen, I may have gone overboard ) of escargot shells that should be delivered tomorrow or early next week.

    I thought about planting some vals in amongst the rock to add in a bit of green and some vertical interest but I don't have a light yet so that would have to wait. I've also started contemplating a second tank on the other side of my couch and I thought the contrast of this tank with a heavily planted tank could be interesting...

    I'm fishless cycling so it'll be a few weeks before I can add fish. Stocking will be Neolamprologus multifasciatus. I'll probably get a half a dozen or so; they're not the cheapest of fish around here and hopefully they'll increase their numbers of their own accord in time

    Just a couple of photos; the tank is set up lengthways as I'll mostly be viewing it from the couch:

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    Tank is 33.615 US gallons.

    Is it possible to move the spraybar to the opposite end of the tank from the pickup?'ll get better flow throughout the tank if you do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    Is it possible to move the spraybar to the opposite end of the tank from the pickup?'ll get better flow throughout the tank if you do.
    I went back and forth on this when I was setting it up. I admit I initially settled on this configuration mainly because it keeps the hoses out of the way. I've "tested" how the water flows though (just added a little flake food and watched where it went). This configuration seems to create a full circle where the water flows across the top of the tank until it hits the far wall, sinks to the bottom and then flows back along the lower half of the tank until it reaches the intake.

    Adding more rock and the shells may change things so I'll keep an eye on it as the setup continues.

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    The tank layout should include rocks- this is only if you desire it. How many N. fasciatus are you planning to get? Any other fish? These fish are somewhat shy and should only be housed with similarly aggressive species from Tanganyika. Ideal tankmates are other Neolampralogus, Julidochromis, Eretmodus, and Telmatochromis species. I love these guys!
    Last edited by The Cichlid Keeper; 03-01-2020 at 09:56 PM.

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    Looking forward to seeing some updates! Those fish look really nice too, but I would definitely add in some color with the plants you were talking about :)

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    With the ambient light, you should be OK with vals. They are not high demand plants and will do well in that tall tank so long as the water isn't too soft or acidic, which it wouldn't be with Tanganyika cichlids.
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