At this point I have dealt with an ammonia spike to .5 and some seriously milky cloudy looking water in the last week and I知 not sure I can explain why. Today I noticed that the glass seemed to be developing a calcium type looking build up on it that I had to scrape off. I haven稚 had any of this previously.

So a few weeks ago I had a very stable 38 gallon main tank. I moved one of two AC50s to the right side of the tank rather than them both being on the left and things got even better. After that I began looking into what it was going to take to get some additional plant growth in the tank. I was already dosing seachem flourish twice weekly but started also dosing excel daily per the directions. I got some additional plants and put 6 total root tabs in the tank. At one point I decided to rearrange the plants and at the same time moved a couple of the root tabs. I have done three water changes in the last 2 weeks and when cleaning the filters I noticed one of the older pieces of poly fill was almost dissenigrstinf so I squeezed it out good into the old media and then discarded it. The following time I changed water I did the same but with a piece of media from the other filter that was falling appart. I noticed after the second water change that the water never cleared up. Then a day later I noted an ammonia spike. I dosed with prime and it immediately came back down. The water never cleared up so a day later I did a water change of 50%(previous WCs mentioned were only about 25-30%). It has now been two more days and the water is still cloudy and I noticed what appeared to be calcium build up in the glass that I致e never had before. Water parameters as of last night still looked good no ammonia, no nitrite 5-10 nitrate.

Did a cloudy release of nutrients from the tabs when I pulled them out of the substrate and relocated them cause this instability/cloudiness/ammonia spike? Did the discard of filter media cause it? I thought the discarding of media could explain the spike and the cloudiness because often the water becomes cloudy as the bacterial colony establishes but then tidsybehen I noticed the calcium build up I began to question if it was some how related to the root tabs.

As I said I知 a little baffled at this point. Fish still seem healthy no losses other than one of 3 otos.

Also keep in mind these filters and the tank have been established for well over a year at this point.