Hi guys,

So I have a betta fish I had rescued from a pet store. He had really bad swim bladder but was doing well for several months. He lives in a 3 gallon, cycled, conditioned with aquasafe tank. All water parameters normal. I noticed about 2-3 weeks ago he was having trouble eating. He would try to grab the Wardley Betta pellets but not be able to get them at his mouth - like his aim was off. So he gave up. This happened over night. His tank temp is like 76-76, he has some live plants in there, a moon stone, and a filter. I had noticed some nematodes in his tank so i took him out, put him in a hospital tank and gave him Seachem polyguard because he had some white fuzz on his chin and wasn't eating much of the flakes (which he could actually get in his mouth easier than the pellets). He got better appetite wise over the few days of treatment but developed some raggedy fins. The fuzz on his chin was gone however Otherwise, was pretty active. The hospital tank is a gallon by the way. So then I noticed that he started to kind of lean to the side and sink more and more. He started to lay sideways on his betta leaf and this progressively worsened. He would be on the bottom of the tank, on the side, with his gills moving super fast. I lowered his water down to half so he could come up for air and did more frequent water changes to keep the wastes down. He had also stopped eating. After completing the treatment with Polygaurd, the fish guy at a petstore recommended general cure API thinking he had gill flukes. I did that for 4 days - no improvement. I then thought maybe he had a bacterial or fungal infection and got some Erythromycin and did a course of that, along with some Pimafix I had in case there was something fungal going on. Nothing. Then someone suggested Kataplex and Furan 2 so I'm on day 4 of that today - nothing still. He has not eaten in about 2 weeks now. Just lays on the bottom on the side, fins are not clamped, but he can't get up, other than to briefly get air but then literally drops right down. Any suggestions. Water is till heated and parameters are normal. I don't know what else to do as parasites, bacteria, and fungus have all been targetted with the meds. Also, I'm using stress coat now instead of aquasafe.Fish.jpg