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Not to overly alarm you, but the question remains if that cat had its preventive rabies vaccine. Among the regimen of shots our kitties get here in the states is a vaccine to keep them from contracting rabies, which they could pass on to humans if they bite or scratch them. Cats sometimes get bitten or clawed during fights with other cats or with wild animals, and if even one of those animal is rabid, the cat can get rabies if it hasn't been vaccinated against it. It's probably rare, but why gamble? I would ask that cat's owner, point blank, if his cat had received a rabies shot prior to biting you -- and demand a straight and truthful answer. You have a right to know that.
This cat has had zero shots.
As for rabies, nz is rabies free, and from what I understand the tectnis shot is suppose to cover me for it.