As helpful and friendly as most of the folks here are, there just doesn't seem to be the activity there was only a few years ago. So many of the older members have ceased posting, and a lot of them could help the newbies if they would just come on here now and then. Life does intervene -- and sometimes interferes -- and even if the old timers are no longer in the hobby, they could still give advice and share their fishkeeping experiences.

Where IS everyone?

Lady Hobbs,
Old Sailor,
Wild Turkey,
Lab Rat,
Goldfarb, (I never did find out how the kitten plans finally panned out, or did they?)
Cyberra (who kept those beautiful Betta tanks)
and several others who used to post regularly.

We always welcome new members, of course, and hope they'll become as active as these older ones once were. But wouldn't it be nice if the latter would continue to chime in, at least once in awhile?