I just rejoined the AC site recently and have some questions about setting up an already running FW tank. I have a 50g and I'm interested in setting up a tropheus (possibly duboise) species aquarium. From what I was reading on here it says it's best to have 3 males along with a dozen females in order to disperse the aggression. That seems like way too many fish for the size tank I have considering they grow up to 5 in. in size. Is it possible to keep a smaller group of tropheus, say 6-8 and still curb their aggression?

Currently the tank only has a mature (8 in. or so) Ocillefer synodontis and a sm. petricola synodontis catfish. I'll have to add more hiding places since I only have 1 decent sized driftwood, along with an arrangement of rocks & clay pots. The substrate is silica sand. Any advice on water parameters would really be helpful as I am not as well versed with African cichlids as I am with other cichlids.