So I Currently have a 180g that is 6L X 2W x2H with 3x Stingrays and 1 Gar. Going to Add a Shovelnose Catfish and Another Gar later on to top off my stocking. In October I was planning to upgrade to a Marineland 300g wide thats 6L x3Wx27H. Marineland is the only company that makes a 3 wide 300g.

Looking online today and I read on the Marineland website and other websites many many reviews that the Marineland 300g wide seals crack with in the first year and leaks water.

I read its better to get it custom made. Any information on your he Marineland 300g wide? Any ideas on Custom made 300g wide? Any idea on any good sized aquariums for Stingrays?