No time this weekend, between getting the de-thatcher, getting the de-thatcher to work and actually using it for more than 5 minutes before it dies out again, and then returning the beast...I was pooped. Throw in raking the front yard of all the thatch (cause to be honest I had no energy to do the back) and then organizing and cleaning the house I did not make it to the fish store Saturday and they were closed Sunday. Which was spent cooking and cleaning up from cooking. Sigh I still need to rake the back and fertilize. If I am lucky it won't rain today so I can go home and rake because what is better for sore muscles than to work the lactic acid out of them and I am so pathetically out of shape is isn't at all funny.

Though I rented he de-thatcher at Ace and the two guys that loaded it into the CRV had such a hard time lifting it I thought Sis and I would have problems getting it out and back in the car-but it was light compared to all the 75 gallon tanks we have been moving around