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    Default Can I add these fish to my barb tank?

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    So I have not been on this forum for some time Mainly because things have been going so well with my tank so I have not posted for awhile.

    I have a 65 gallon tank filtered with an Aquatop CF400UV

    When I first established my tank I keep diamond tetras with black ruby barbs I loved my ruby's but for some reason I just could not keep them healthy I was losing one every week to two weeks sometimes more the diamonds & 2 rubber nose plecos have thrived after replacing black ruby after black ruby as much as I loved them I just could not keep them they would do good for awhile then I'd start losing them here and there my water parameters were fine my numbers were good I just would lose them here and there I just could not figure out why I would lose only my ruby's not any of my other fish so As much as I hated to do it I went another route and brought them what I had left about 7 to my LFS and went another route I really like the active nature of barbs so my LFS suggested going with tigers as they are a very hardy active fish so I went this route and have had nothing but good luck with them though I've lost a couple nowhere near the amount I've lost of the ruby's

    My current numbers are

    (8) Diamond tetras
    (2) standard tigers
    (2) albino tigers
    (5) Green tigers
    (5) jade tigers
    (2) Rubbernose plecos

    I am itching to get some more I can round out my numbers and get 3 more standard & albinos which would probably push my numbers to the max I've had nothing but luck with tigers & this mix of Diamonds so I hate to upset this balance my question is can I throw a different fish into this mix I wish tigers came in a different color maybe a nice red but I think I have the 4 variants in my tank already so to add another fish I thought of two that may give me that different color I am looking for not sure if it's the right move or mix just looking for opinions

    My LFS has some Odessa's rather than adding 6 tigers would I be ok with 5-6 odessa's the numbers should be ok but I know they like a little cooler water and they can can a little bigger than the tigers at 3-4" so that may be pushing my tank limits

    I also thought of maybe gold barbs to add some yellow not sure how they would fair

    The last one is probably a bad idea not knowing much about them but how about platy's no long fins but they are rather peaceful My tiger #'s should be high enough where they won't bother them the diamonds I don't worry about they keep to themselves and the platys would add some color they just may be too docile for a tank full of tigers

    I could always add more tigers I've had nothing but success with them I just wish I could find another variant to add a different color into the mix.

    Just looking for some opinions I even thought about some red serapes but I think if I added them I'd probably have to add at least 8-10 of them much like tigers anything under 10 is probably asking for trouble and I could be wrong but that may be pushing my tank limits.

    As far as water changes go I do a 15-20% water change religously weekly sometimes I stretch it a day or two but never more than 8 or 9 days

    You guys have always thrown some great advice my way with suggestions,opinions,cycling,plants,lighting,filtr ation and even my battle with ick so I look forward to hearing some opinions as you all have been super helpful on this forum


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    I wouldn't put platy in here. Your thought about them being very peaceful is true, in my opinion.
    Other members can answer your other questions, but wanted to add: it is nice to hear from you again.
    Learn from yesterday
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    Your first Barb of many. - Strider199   Have another barb ;-) - steeler58   


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    Thanks river I kind of thought that was the case with the platys just too peaceful for such an active tank my tigers are constantly zipping all over the tank the diamonds just kind of keep to themselves they were there before my tigers I added them when I had my ruby's.

    I think because they were already in the tank the tigers don't really pay them no mind they are too busy chasing one another if I were to add them after the tigers things may have been different I'm not quite sure but yeah the platys would probably be a bad choice.

    Thanks again river!

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    Mar 2016
    Long Island

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    Your first Barb of many. - Strider199   Have another barb ;-) - steeler58   


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    Just to revisit this question I've always loved cichlids I used to have an african tank years ago and loved it,I went the barb route this time around could I get away with a pair of less aggressive cichlids such as firemouths in this mix versus putting a whole batch of new barbs or even serpaes into this tank or is this just asking for trouble?


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