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    Question Question: 29-Gal Community Tank & Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

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    The Tank: I have a 29-gallon community tank, which included a water mill. I started with 6 platy, 2 kribensis, and 3 small cory. About 1.5 months ago, I added 2 electric blue Jack Demspys (EBJD) and 2 small angels to the tank.

    The Problem: Within 3 weeks of adding the Dempsys and angels, I had lost 4 platys, 2 small corys, and 1 of the angels.

    After I lost the last platy, I took out the water mill. Everything has been fine, but I notices this week that the remaining platy's fins were looking tattered.

    I know that electric blue Jack Dempsys are semi-aggressive, which could be part of the issue. I also think that the smaller fish were getting caught in the water mill's wheel, which resulted in a couple platys (I know that this is what happened to the last one) being lost.

    I do not have room (nor finances) to set up a separate tank for the platy at this moment, but could see that being an option in the future.

    My Question: Is it worth spending money on more platys because of the EBJDs? If not, what would be a larger community fish species that would be intimidating enough to discourage EBJDs being aggressive?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    I kept cichlids for years, including 2 Dempsey's. While they were somewhat peaceful most of the time, they would occasionally have a mean streak, particularly when another fish would invade their territory. This was all in my 100gal with alot of hiding spaces.

    Being a 29gal there is much less room and thus less places for the more peaceful fish to go. Personally I would never keep Dempsey's with more peaceful fish in a smaller aquarium as you're just asking for trouble. Dempsey's grow to about 6-8". There are several other semi-aggressive cichlids out there that you could get that may get along with the EBJD's, but it's a risk. If the EBJD's have established dominance in the tank then anything you put in there will have to find their way in the pecking order.

    With that said, are you sure the deaths and damage to other fish are from the Dempsey's and not water parameters or disease?

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