I bred hundreds of the German super reds, got 6 from Germany before they were available in the US, and actually made a good bit of money from those. Finally got rid of them all a few years ago, just have the 220 running now, and switched my main focus from fish to snakes. Over the years I also bred a few thousand brown and albino as well. Actually had my own strain of super reds that turned up among some of my brown and albino stock, only 2-3 of those among each large litter of brown and albino offspring. I also bred the L10a red lizard whiptails, but found the fry impossible to keep alive long enough to raise them. Had a few L333's and a couple other species of Hypancistrus that bred and grew out, though never in any numbers. Currently there are a few huge Ancistrus of indeterminate origin in the 220. Got them from another breeder years ago, the males grow to about twice size of a large common brown. Apparently they also breed with the common brown and albino strain, because I have a few younger ones that survived in the tank. I tossed a couple normal brown females in there some years ago when I took down other tanks.