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Beautiful! So majestic!

I like the wild Urubu, nice choice! Very natural looking :) The wilds are much pricier huh? Guess it's always like that.

Are you using RO? What does your source water test at? My TDS is around the 110 mark. It rises after adding Prime. Do you use Prime? I'm just curious. Or maybe less tannins?
The wilds are not always pricier. Actually, they can be cheaper then domestics in some cases. The wild juveniles tend to be more expensive then domestics, however. This basically because of the difficulty in sourcing.

I dont use RO water; but, my water out of the tap is pretty well suited to both the discus and Altums. If I want to breed either, however, will need to lower the Ph. I think that this is why my discus spawns end up not being viable despite being fertilized- need to get that number around 6.5.

TDS is 85-115 depending on time of year.
Ph- 7.4
KH 3
GH 5

I do use Prime. I didnt realize it raised TDS.