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    I have both of those, may be worth considering...thanks
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    Sorry you fell ill :( Glad you are slowly getting over it. Had to pipe in here, @Slaphppy7 definitely worth considering! So important to QT and not that difficult to set up in a pinch when you know what you're doing. I keep sponges for filters in my canister filter to use when I need it.
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    So this weekend was aggravatingly unproductive fish wise.

    Usually go grocery shopping on Friday nights, but Sis wanted to go home halfway through shopping which meant we had to finish on Saturday. Saturday we were going to head up to WI to get pumpkins and be there at 9am. Sleepyheads dragging their feet meant we left at 8:50-its an hour drive north

    Fortunately it was so cold they weren't busy and we weren't fussy on which pumpkin as we didn't want to freeze.
    After pumpkins we stopped at home to unload (got $48 worth of pumpkin/pumpkin-like squash for $0.39 /lb so had a lot of squash in the car

    The we headed over to Dad's to see how he was holding out and how Grandma is doing. Not well on both sides as Grandma doesn't sleep at night just coughs up spittle and is almost 100% out of it mentally during the day. She didn't recognize either of us and I think she should be somewhere with 24-7 care. However the nurses that come in every other day to check her vitals say "everything is normal" so no reason to move her. Seems if this goes on and she doesn't sleep for much longer she will just die as she looks very, very bad. As a result Dad doesn't sleep either and that is not safe for him as he is 71 years old and looks pretty worn out withe all that's been going on.. He is retired but still works (or wants to) part time as a consultant and R&D designer/manufacturer but is caring for his Mom now 24-7. He tries to nap during the day but is going on a month of no more than a couple hours of sleep and at his age he shouldn't have to deal with this.

    After that we had to go finish shopping so guess when we got home for real...almost 6! I was so mad and disgusted.

    Sunday I got up early and made meatloaf for the week, then went to Menard's to get some cinderblocks and plywood and twin-wall polycarbonate sheeting for the goldfish tub. Guess the tariffs are messing with the lumber as I needed a 2'x4' sheet of 1" but there was nothing in 2'x4' in stock. Had to get a 4'x4' sheet that just fit in the car but had to be slid in the back (CRV). Forgot that I had used Dad's mini-van when getting the last polycarbonate sheet so I had to bend it length and width wise to get it to fit since it is 4'x8'. Then squeezed 9 8"x8"x16" cinderblocks anywhere else they would fit in the car. It took too long to get the items, what I thought would be an 45 minutes with the drive to/from turned into almost an hour and half! the cinderblocks were outside and though it wasn't as cold as Saturday, it was still cold enough that when I got home and unloaded I was tired and thawing out for another half hour.

    All I wound up doing after that was breaking down the little tub that Hippie had called home for the past 2 years and cleaning off the top of the credenza that had suffered from some damage from the heating pad and maybe moisture though she was on a waterproof mat that Dr. Foster and Smith sold when they were open. Some elbow grease and a wood re finisher/protector took off most of the damage, well 60%. Seems the backing on the mat fused with the wood and left waxy raised spots over 65-70% of the surface. Looks good so long as you don't run your hands over it.

    Later on Sunday Sis decided to decorate and plant the 50 low boy and moved the loaches (kuhli pangia, oblonga and the forktail Vaillantella maassi) and broken-line tetras and 4 pearl danios into it. She also emptied the 40 breeder they were in of water, with the plan to break it down soon which just entails emptying sand.

    We still have a lot to do to get the living room emptied as I still have these in the tubs:

    Ghost and his 1 son, we had 2 but the other is going on a trip to Ohio tomorrow via USPS priority
    The 3 clown plecos; Mars Bar, Kit-Kat, and Mr. Goodbar (lol)
    One banded gourami

    All of these will be going into the 75 upstairs-BUT I have to move the dojos downstairs and set up the 150 gallon stock tub for the goldfish. I need the 2 pieces of plywood that the tubs are sitting on in order to set up the 150 gallon stock tub. Why not buy extra wood? Simply because I don't want to store extra wood since I have two 2'x4'x1" pieces under the stock tub and I need 3 pieces in total for the 150 gallon.

    Aneus cory 8-12
    asst pygmy corys #unk
    possibly 1-2 panda corys
    2 chubby plecos Krofne and Knedle ( donut and dumpling)

    The chubbies are going into the 125, easy fix.
    The plan is to move the aneus into the lowboy and the pgmy into the 40B with the honey cats and the blue tetras.

    Then we have the planted tub which is 90% empty other than my buce, some aponos and swords and a smattering of misc (little crypts, vals, sag, suswassertang).

    Also my two 5.5 gallon shrimp tanks. Plan is to breakdown the red tank and move it along with my expensive crypts from both 5.5 gallon tanks into a 20 long. Then I will redo one 5.5 gallon or maybe bump it to a 10 for the blue shrimp. All of my buce from the plant tub and shrimp tanks are going into a plastic tub to slowly become emmersed. The buce form the blue shrimp tank has had an on/off fight with hair algae for a couple years now so that will fix the algae without killing the buce as Excel and peroxide tend to do.

    Throw in the fact that we would like to decorate fro Halloween/thanksgiving before the end of the month, I have to clean the garage for winter since my multiple DIY projects have left it a mess, and I am still waiting on weather to allow me to cut the grass without it being a bogey mess. Getting sick really screwed me up the week before too. I need a week off work to get this done, weekends are a joke.
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    Fish room-*pending*

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