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Thread: New Shrimp Tank

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    Default New Shrimp Tank

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    I am starting my first Cherry shrimp tank. I picked up a new 10 gallon that I want to divide so I can have two different color shrimp. Screen or solid divider? In any case, I'm thinking one corner sponge filter for each side, java moss on each side with pool filter sand substrate. What size air pump do I need? I picked up a used tank stand and it came with an unused Tetra 10 pump. One or two heaters? I was planning to start the filters in my fish tank to jump start the cycling. How long should I leave them in there? I have some algae covered drift wood in the fish tank that will go into the shrimp tank when it's ready.

    Now that I gave you my ideas, what mistakes am I making? Thanks
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    If you went with a screen one heater would work. Only issue I see there is a screen that's small enough to not let the new hatched shrimp through will probably get plugged with debree. Especially with Java moss in the tank.

    If you left the sponges in your other tank for a couple of weeks that should be long enough to seed them. I'd still do a fish less cycle on the new tank to make sure everything is established.
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    Nov 2018
    Bensalem, PA, USA

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    Just an update:
    I siliconed in a divider of glass sitting on top of 40 ppi foam 1.5" thick. This allows the water to pass from one side to the other without letting the fry through. I had snails in the other tank that I did not want to introduce into the shrimp tank, so I fresh started the cycle with new sponge filters. After 7 weeks, the tank was ready for it's new inhabitants 10 Red Sakura & 10 Blue Dreams. Learning from my mistakes: My first water change, I killed off about 2/3 of my Blue Dream shrimp by doing a water change like I normally do my fish tank, now I very slowly introduce the water. The shrimp love the Java Moss and Marimo Balls but they weren't reducing the nitrates enough so I bought some floaters (Salvinia Cucullata) which seems to be doing the job. The shrimp are breeding, the reds doubled and the blue tripled in number. My next move is to set up 2 - 20 gallon tanks and just have the divided 10 as a cull tank.

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