The first day I placed my Ray in the tank I did not feed the Ray and left the light off for about 24 hours.
Wednesday I feed the stingray one Blood worm cube around 8:30pm. I just dropped the cube in the tank and after about a minute the cube started breaking up. The Ray ate most the blood worm strings in a hour and few that were left were gone by 4:30am the next day.
Thursday around 7:30pm I feed the Ray another Blood Worm cube. After about 2 hours the Ray may have only ate a few strings at most. Friday morning around 4:30am the Ray did not even touch one piece.
I could not siphon up the food because the Aqueon water changer I have will not suck up water and will only add water for some reason. I will go by a Python water changer today and get up all food. Also I did not think of it earlier,but today I will test my tank.

Do you think letting the cube break up on its own the day before vs the next day moving it around with my hand letting it break up faster had anything to do with it? Any ideas?