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    Default Are There Any Bottom Feeder Friendly Plant Substrates? Fine-grained And Smooth?

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    Does anyone know if there are any nutrient-rich substrates that are sand and very smooth that would work for bottom feeders?

    The plants I intend to keep rooted are Water Sprite, Hornwort, Bacopa australis, Echinodorus var. Vesuvius, Dwarf Lily, and Dwarf Sagittaria. I don't intend for the Dwarf Sag to fully carpet the tank. The rest of the plants will be rhizome or floating types.

    I want to prioritize the fish over the plants. I have fish that really require smooth sand for a variety of reasons - they feed by taking up mouthfuls of sand, keeping the food in, and then spraying the extra sand out of their gills and they can not feed like this if the particle size of the substrate is too large. I also have fish with scaleless bellies that can be injured by rough substrate and barbels that can become infected if detritus collects in larger-grained substrates. So I really do need a smooth sand of some sort, but I'm hoping to have a planted tank. I have kept other tanks with standard Eco-Complete and with Laterite, and know for a fact that those would both be too sharp.

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    I have heard some good things about this substrate sand for fish and plants. Haven't tried it myself though/.

    I have ADA Amazonia in 1 planted tank, and while it is an amazing substrate for plants, it would be a mess with sifting fish like geophagus or bottom active fish like corydoras.
    My other tank has very similar plants to what you are intending to plants (,medium light, no co2) and I have a layer of Caribsea Ecocomplete and layer of Caribsea Crystal as cap.
    In this tank I have geophagus, Bolivian Rams, Biotodoma Cupidos- all eartheaters and corydoras eques. They do great in this.

    For fertilization of plants have root tabs around stem plants and dose Seachem NPK, Trace, Iron ( 2 x weekly) and Excel around 3-4 days a week ( when remember).

    Here is tank:

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    Feb 2010
    Kansas, United States

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    That is lovely tank you have there. How do you keep the sand from just sinking under and mixing? Multiple layers could work, but I'm not sure how exactly to do that.

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