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    Default Suggestions for my 55g Community Tank

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    I am wanting to add a centerpiece fish to my 55g tank. Do you have any suggestions of what could go well in my community? I am interested in an angel, gourami or a ram or two. What issues could I run into adding any of these? Currently, I have the stocking shown below and they all seem to be happy and healthy...

    6x Guppies
    3x Black Skirt Tetras
    3x White Skirt Tetras
    2x Bronze Corys
    4x Albino Corys
    1x Rubberlip Pleco
    1x Oto
    3x Ghost Shrimp

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I am still learning this hobby...

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    The tetras, cories, and oto are all social fish that do best in large groups. I usually suggest getting around 7-10 of each tetra, and 6-12 of the cories.

    7+ is good for otos, which need soft acidic water and an established aquarium in order to avoid high mortality rates.

    Ghost shrimp have a very small bio load and help clean up uneaten food. They're also dirt cheap. You could get a dozen or more of them and won't have any issues.

    Guppies are live bearers and can quickly multiply in a tank. Not sure how mixing them with a bunch of tetras will work out. The tetras may help keep the guppy babies from becoming too numerous but I'm not sure and would defer to others who have more experience keeping breeding guppies in a community tank.

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    Welcome to the AC :) These are some things I've noticed about the fish you are considering.

    Angelfish and rams like the temperature higher than skirt tetras, that genus of cory and rubberlip pleco, but could be kept at 79F to accommodate everyone. If you go with rams, they'll do better at 80F, this will be the highest range temp four the other fish.

    Also be aware that skirt tetras can be nippy and pick at the slower moving fishes' fins like angelfish and rams.

    Guppies like the water harder than the other fish (not sure about gouramis since I've never kept them) and they are too innocent to get out of the cichlid's way I've noticed.
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