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    Default Black Moor seems sad and/or tired

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    I bought Ludovico the first week of January 2018. He was tiny and his bug eyes hadnít grown in yet. Heís always been very happy seeming, swimming all around and nibbling at the rocks and plants. Heís now got beautiful bug eyes and heís grown probably 2 to 3 times his original size. He is alone in a 10 gallon tank (sometime next spring I plan on moving him to a 20 gallon or maybe even a 30 if I decide I want another black moor goldfish). I work a lot and have a very active social life so maybe Iím only noticing things more now cause Iíve been home a lot more lately, but heís been prone to hanging out very still at the top of the tank just below the water line (more so at night) or on the bottom in his gravel (more so during the day). He doesnít do this for very long but heís been doing it frequently enough that Iím starting to worry something is wrong.

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    The first thing I would suggest is testing your water for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates and if they are present I would do a water change or two to get them under control. There shouldn't be any ammonia or nitrite and nitrates should be kept to 20 ppm or less. You'll need some test kits and I would recommend getting one of these.

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    good point on the water testing. I would also like to throw in the possibility that he is just getting less active as he matures. Moors have never seemed that active to me. is he showing any other signs of illness such as loss of appetite or any parasites? what kind of filtration do you run on the 10?

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    If he's hanging listless just below the surface there may be an issue with ammonia or insufficient oxygen. Watch his mouth and his gills. Does he seem to be struggling to breathe?

    It's good that you'll be upgrading to a larger tank. Ten gallons is way too small for a goldfish. The advice the others have given you is good. I would suggest following it.
    20 gal. high: planted; 5 white cloud minnows, 4 golden White Clouds, several RCS, 2 blue shrimp, 5 Amano shrimp, several snails; Azoo air. 65 gal: planted; 6 rosy barbs, 6 yellow glofish, 3 red glofish, 3 zebra danios, 5 white cloud minnows, 3 dojo loaches, 6 crimson spot rainbow fish, 12 large Amano Shrimp, several snails; AC110.

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