Hi everyone. I have had an old 55-gallon long tank on the porch for almost a year. I just "let it go". Nut now I'm cleaning it up, and IF I can get my parents consent, I'll set it up. Here's the things I was hoping to add; I already did research on compatibility and temperature.
It's going to be a planted tank with sand and a canister filter. Is this okay?

Coolie loach (8)
Bristlenose plecos; different colors (6 total)
Red lizard whiptail catfish (3)
Salt & pepper pygmy cory (6)
Dwarf cherry shrimp (20+)
Blue bolt shrimp (20+)
Blue Brazos Mexican dwarf crayfish (2)
Dumbo guppies; snow white, blacktail, and red mosaic (trio)

I know that a lot of these fish will eat baby shrimp (or adult shrimp sometimes) but since there is a lot of plant cover and I'll let the shrimps establish before adding fish, I think it'll be okay. What do you think? Will it be overstocked? If not, what other fish should I get that are not impossible to breed and fairly easy to care for? I'm up for a breeding challenge. Thank you!