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  1. Default Help with my 4-H project please

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    I am new to fish and aquariums. I decided to get into fish as a 4-H project.

    I bought 2 Dalamation Mollies (a male and a female) 4 days ago. I put them in after setting up the tank, I putting Prime in the water and waiting a week, everything seemed to be OK.
    I have a Bio-Wheel filter in a hexagon 5 gallon tank. There are plenty of hiding places f the fish.
    Anyway the molly had babies the day after I got her. I think she has 7 or 8. Neither she nor the male bother the babies. This morning I went to go check on them and the female molly was standing on her tail. She looked dead, it didn't look like she was breathing. An hour later I went in and she was swimming around. Now she's doing it again. She's in the exact same spot too. I only have one tank, and I'm not sure what to do, PLEASE HELP.
    Was she in shock because she's a new mother? Does she have a problem because the water's too cold or warm? Or was it something else? Sometimes she'll also go and lie on the bottom. I had a water test and they said it looks fine.
    I thought maybe there was not enough oxygen in my tank, so last night I added an air hose. The water also seemed hot so I turned off the light. I do no have a thermometer.
    Also, my male fish will sit in what I was told was the "current" of the filter (not JUST the filter current) and rock back and forth like he has shimmy. Should I get some shimmy medicine? Will that hurt him, the female (who does NOT rock back and forth much), or even the babies? My male also hides, is that normal?
    Both my fish are very aggressive at feeding time, and my male does nip at the female occasonally, and the babies are becoming more aggresive when I feed them.
    I didn't TRY to get babies it just happended. Should I get something for them, like breeding grass, or should I just leave them?
    Neither of my fish are trying to eat them, but soon I want to get some platies or tetras and a catfish. How long should I wait till I get them?
    What should I do? I've never had fish before, and I want them to survive.


  2. Default

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    Have you checked nitrita/nitrate and ammonia levels.

  3. Default

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    Who is the "they" in the "I had a water test and they said it looks fine" comment? It sounds very much like your tank is starting to cycle and the fish are reacting to it. Unfortuately.....waiting a week doesn't give you any bacteria to handle fish waste, but there are ways to help you get around it and help the fish survive.
    Check out William's ebook, it will probably help you out alot with this project.
    With mollies (and most livebearers I believe) you don't have to TRY to get babies...they will just do it over and over again for you! :)
    As for getting something for them...that would probably be a good idea if you want to see them grow up, because without somewhere to hide they will most likely become a meal for mom or dad.
    Since this is your 4H project, smile knowing you are going to be learning a lot, and will have a lot of information to add to your project, which, even with mistakes may give someone else a good start into a fun hobby.

  4. Default

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    kina of topic but ehat is a 4H project?

    Also feeding less fora few weeks. Once eveyr other day and not more than they eat in 2 minutes can help you reduce the stress on the tank.

  5. Default

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    4H is popular here in the US with the involves all kinds of farm animals and pet animals. The kids raise their animals, document their information, try to breed certain qualities into them and we have fairs and such where they get to show off their animals with contests and prizes, like a science fair....only animal husbandry related. Locals like myself can attend the fairs and bid on animals such as cows and pigs to purchase for slaughter for ourselves, which gives us the chance to buy a healthy animal, food in large quantities (saves $$$) and to have it cut to our specifications. That part may sound horrible to some, but let's face it, humans are meat eaters, so whether we purchase it from the local grocery all packaged up, or from the is still the same, animals raised for food. It is a great thing for kids to get involved in, giving them a worthwhile interesting hobby and keeps them from wandering around getting into trouble.

  6. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    ok, thanks.

    And don't worry. I am as much of a meat eater as one can be so that doesn't bother allthough I would prefer to have a butcher slaughter the animals since I wouldn't be qualified.

  7. Default

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    Sorry, slight misunderstanding....when you purchase the animal, most opt to pay to have it slaughtered and just decide how you want it cut, and how big of portions you want it in. I personally am not into cutting my own critters up either!

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