Hi everyone. This is my 10-gallon aquarium. It has a variety of snails, some little fish, water slaters, and a teeny tiny shrimpy crayfish. The only fish are common mosquitofish- I might be getting some guppies soon so they will probably go outside in my 55-gallon long. The dwarf hairgrass is planted in sand inside a conch. I thought it would be neat, so I tried it, and I think it looks pretty good. The jar suspended by string and a weight (upper right corner) is rearing jar for my baby Mystery snail. I have three HUGE- and I mean HUGE- egg clutches in incubation. There's no telling how many baby snails I'll have then! So anyway, does anyone have suggestions on what kind of decor items I would have to add for guppies or if the tank already looks fine for them? I want to get their tank just right.

Thank you.