Algaway 5.4... Anyone use this in a pond? I spent a significant period of time this weekend between the pond store and my favorite fish spot talking to their knowledgeable people about my tub. Since the cycle won't kick back around and the green water was also cloudy and in 12" of water I couldn't see my own hand after submerging it by 6-8" deep it was barely visible. So the consensus was heterotropic (bacteria bloom) being too severe to allow the cycle to finish and green water as thick as it was because no natural deterrent could establish with the pond remaining uncycled. Both referred me to the Algaeway 5.4 to nuke the green water to get O2 levels back up and hope that allows the BB to get going. I did so but don't remember if it was going to zap my cycle as I believe it was supposed to also kill off the heterotropic bacteria bloom as well.

With the plant mass in there at this point vs my stock I really don't need a cycle I just need Ammonia production to stop being in mass. I can't tell what's causing it because I can't see the bottom and I'm hesitant to dig around blindly and find a dead vole or something, that would absolutely freak me out.

Dosed the Algaeway Friday night, and can see a difference today. Still green but I can see the bottom now. Tomorrow I will be syphoning water out and sucking all debris off the bottom as there's quite a bit (probably my Ammonia issue) and pulling all the snails I find (millions and billions I'm sure). Should I start with dosing stability as well or leave it since the plant mass is more than enough for my stock?

Also anyone know about shrimp after dosing Algaway 5.4. I can't seem to Google it in the right way to get info on it... Probably because most people aren't dense enough to put shrimp outside. :) rather not give them a death sentence unintentionally but that stuff seems like a fairly heavy duty algaecide. And yes it says not safe for inverts but the existing snails seem unphased and shrimp are more sensitive lol