Well phooey....
I guess I will run down before water changes today or tomorrow and pick up a new syphon and net for that tank. It shares the same gear as the cull tank since shrimp move back and forth.... I can start netting culls to a container of the other tanks water and then pouring them all into the net again with that water before moving to the cull tank. I think that's about as much as I can safely do while moving them around and rebuilding my PFRs.

As for glut, I usually don't use it consistently except for algae issues. Generally I find enough surface agitation does the same or more for plant growth anyway.

Well now I have an excuse to go work on my tub before doing water changes lol it's nice outside and I didn't want to be in anyway. Thanks boof I'll pick up some 3% peroxide today too and see how far it gets me I've been out for like three months and keep forgetting to pick it up.