Well we will official be placing a tank upstairs in the family room. This will be the next tank set up in the house since we don't need the basement to be done to set it up.

The tank will be sitting on the old stand for the 75 gallon I had set up in the old house. The stands will get a new paint job though, as soon as weather is permitting. It will be painted inside and out with a cream/white color. The top will be cleaned and a bit of silicone will be added to the joints since the movers banged it a bit and I don't want any water to destroy it.


It will be another 75 gallon tank, not the same tank that was originally on the stand as that is downstairs and I have 2 Aqueon 75 gallon tanks sitting in the garage so why bring one up the stairs when I can just bring it in the house (after I clean it of course)?

This is a used tank I got for $35 from a club member-he had about 9-11 75 gallon tanks sitting in his garage and his wife wanted them out ASAP. He had originally wanted to expand his (already impressive) fish room to boost breeding and plant variety, but when the wife says no what can you do? So I bought 3 from him and Sis got one, lol-I know rampant MTS going on in our house.

Anyway off track again, yes its a 75 gallon and I want it stocked simply with goldfish and golden dojo loaches.

What type of goldfish? -I am torn between fantail or ranchu, either 3 or 4

How many Dojos? Well either 4 or 5, I currently have 3 but one doesn't look well, so I will add 2 more and see how the one with the crooked spine does.

Filtration? I have 2 Eheim 2217 but no where to do maintenance on the main level, so that's a no for canisters.

I do have an Aqueon 50 that i will stuff with bio media and possibly scuds, and I will be adding an internal corner matten filter (cornerfilter), and powering it with a pump or powerhead. I have been wanting to add these types of filters to my tanks and will be doing this for all of my 75 gallon tanks and my 125. The other tanks (smaller) will be a combo of sponge along with HOB or standalone sponge or modified sponge for my river tanks.

You can read more about the corner filters here:


I am thinking of doing a background for the tanks, especially since these have some type of contact paper firmly glued to the back of the tank.

The substrate will most likely be the red flint sand-it is a combo of natural tans/browns/creams with some white and black mixed in, would like to add some smooth rocks and possible a piece of DW, something smooth and well rounded.

Plants will be a couple large leaved anubias with some elodea as a floating snack for the goldfish. I may add a java, been wanting to try the narrow leaf variety or the trident.

No heater will be needed-since these guys like it around 75 F and below. No fancy ferts for the tank either, will be doing a fishless cycle on the tank as well-not sure how much of my bio-media is actually stocked in my tubs, other than the sponges themselves.

Stay tuned for updates, it too cold yet to paint in the garage-but I may be grabbing the paint this weekend, possibly the sand too- going for 2" so 100 lbs of it.