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    Default pseudotropheus demasoni

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    Looking at the different stores that sell the demasoni, one store says they tend to move in groups and should be kept that way in an aquarium. Does anyone have have Pseudotropheus demasoni that are kept alone?
    If they need to be kept in a group, how many females could i keep in my forty gallon if there are plenty of rocks and caves? I don't want babies, so getting unsexed fish is not an option. There is simply no place to keep them. If I have more than one, the would have to be females. If they do ok as a single fish, it doesn't matter and I can go ahead and get an unsexed juvi.


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    Despite their varying degrees of aggressiveness, mbuna's may be said to be social fish. A mbuna in solitary tank may not exhibit the same active behavior as they would in groups (this is separate from maintaining them in groups to diffuse aggression).

    With that said, you can try it. The demasoni may act normally, or...(deprived of interaction with other demasoni's or other mbuna's) may be overly shy and hide (which may cause them to shift in to muted coloration). Hard to really say.

    To avoid the possibility of fry you would have to have either an all male or all female tank, or single mbuna; no way around that.

    Keep in mind that mbuna's are capable of hybridization with other mbuna species and even other non-mbuna african cichlid types (haps & peacocks); a single demasoni and another mbuna may still result with hybrid fry being produced.

    The challenge with this species: regardless of gender, I wouldn't recommend keeping demasoni's in numbers less than a dozen (due to their highly-conspecific aggressive nature). Starting out years ago, I was unsuccessful in keeping 5 of them in a 125gal, the tank wasn't big enough for such a small group of them, even with 30+ other mbuna's in the tank.

    With that said, anything is possible:

    Years ago, I was forced to extract two beaten-up female demasoni's from my 75gal demasoni colony tank (which had close to 30 specimens in it). Out of tank space, I had to put both of them in a 55gal which housed two species of metriaclima (chilumba zebra's and msobo's), gambling that in their beaten up state, they would be harmless to each other as both were in physically bad shape (and hoping that the established cichlids in the 55gal wouldn't do the same, especially the vertically striped chilumba's which are even more aggressive than demasoni's). If memory serves correct they were introduced into the tank about a week apart.

    Well, the two female demasoni's recuperated back to full health and weren't singled out by the occupants of the 55gal. They didn't seem to bother each other and so rather than going through the hassle of catching them, I left them in there, where the pair of female demasoni's tolerated each other fine. Both the chilumba's and msobo's out-classed the female demasoni's in the dominance game. However, I suspect if the two female demasoni's were the only two mbuna's in the tank things may have ended up differently.

    I see that I referenced them in this post from 2009, 18 months into their coexistence with each other:

    If you choose to view the video included in that post one female demasoni, blandly colored that day, makes an appearance at the far right at about 0:21 mark of the video, with stripes barely displayed; the other female can be seen at the 0.28 also at the far right.
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    African cichlid and saltwater aquariums

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    Congrats on your first cycled tank! - Silbar   For good luck with the fishkeeping hobby. - Slaphppy7   

    Default so far

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    The Demasoni's color couldn't be better. He was sold as a male. Granted all my fish are juveniles, but so far they all seem to get along. Acts of aggression are limited to very short chases away from a favorite cave. I don't know if it is normal, but the Demasoni is one of my more visual fish. He is usually out as soon as the light comes on in the am and doesn't seem to hide. I hope he stays that way.

    this may be humanizing them, but with each species, they seem to interact, most of the time without even chasing. Again, I hope it continues. I don't know if being tank raised helps any, but all my fish are captive bred, no importations.

    I hope they stay that way.

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