I have added more plants to my 65, a couple of them already quite tall, but will take a bit for them to grow out more fully.

Meanwhile, a couple of my male Crimson Spots have grown to about twice the size they were when I got them, and there has been some chasing, though no real aggression (no actual attacking). Their current shape reminds me of male salmon ready to spawn. Colors have gotten more brilliant.

I thought I had a few more females than males, but although they're smaller, their coloring suggests smaller males. Not so sure about the gender ratio, anymore. Will try to post pics when I can.

A couple of what I thought were females have what may be eggs inside of them -- but their lateral lines are as black and crisp as those on the males, and their tails are reddish, also. But they remain torpedo-shaped. Maybe the extra coloration is just glowing good health, or are those really males? One of the large males chases one of them, as well as chasing the obvious other large male.

I now have a huge tall rock in the tank that fish can hide behind, as well as my older, over-grown Anubias that provide quite an umbrella shelter for the dojos and Amano shrimp.

Still, a lot of clearing for free swimming. I don't see any signs of injury, so maybe the chasing is just intimidation, as if to say, "Hey, Buster -- don't forget I'm around!"

All six of these fish are have gotten big compared to when I got them.

Should I add a lot more floating plants for cover? The Rainbows tend to stay more mid-tank, so not sure that will do any good.