@Spardas I see the different amount of shades you see. I can wager a guess as to where each of those colors are, orange for feelers, blues and black bands for legs, green pincers with white tips, blue eye stalks.

I see blues perfectly, which is why it is my favorite color. I can see all the shades of blue in nature as long as they don't have reds or greens mixed in with them. I can also see yellow, but it isn't pleasing to my eyes like blue is. Anything that uses green or red is a crap shoot. I think I know what basic red looks like, but reds and greens get mixed up depending on their shade, and green to me looks like a dirty yellow.

Here is a comparison of how different types of colorblind people see the world. I'm a deut, so the upper right image is how I see things. I can't see any difference between the two top images.

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Interesting story, but I tried those Enchroma glasses about a year and a half ago. I didn't have one of those emotional earth-shattering experiences that the shills on the YouTube vids claim to have, but it was interesting. I put them on and saw nothing different. I was heartbroken. I sat there with my wife as she had dumped a bucket of Ayden's toys on the floor because of all the colors. She kept pulling out certain cars and stuff, asking if they looked different. No, no, no...no. All looked as bland as usual. Then something slapped my attention. There was a kid's show on the tv across the room, and this gaudy SUPER BRIGHT color slammed me right in the eyes. Pink. Hot pink. One of the characters on the show was a hot pink talking plane and my jaw hit the floor. Pink looks like gray to me, so I was not prepared for what I saw on the tv. The next color that grabbed my attention was purple. If my eyes worked correctly, purple would be my favorite. It spoke to me, which is weird because colors never had any kind of feelings or emotions to them. I carried around a purple bouncy ball for days and would stare at it for a minute at a time.

Green stayed the same. Dull, dirty yellow. Red stayed the same, as well, but I could suddenly differentiate it from other colors that it normally blended in with. I remember sitting in my car during lunch break and I noticed a red coca cola can stuck in a bush across the parking lot. I could see the reds in my mahogany desk in the office. I was blown away by the fact that the Target next to my office was half red and half brown. Never noticed the red side if the building until I was wearing the glasses.

And that's pretty much the extent of my experience with somewhat normal vision. The makers argued that I ordered the wrong lens type and that's why I didn't see the amazing burst of color around me, but it is what it is. We needed the money and the glasses were a minor luxury so I returned them before the trial period expired. What's cool is I can still visualize how pink, purple, and lavender looked, even though I don't have the glasses anymore. That kind of thing stuck with me.