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    It's not all about the camera that's only one factor.

    I think it's also important the nature of the photo if your trying to take a close shot of a fish to show off colors or details then indeed it's important to have the right equipment but if your snag a shot of something unusual or unique then that will make the picture stand out amongst the others.

    Starting to take more pictures and videos and taking it more serious learning from the professional who actually are in the magazines the subtle challenges presented while photographing fish are incredibly difficult so my advice to everyone is never sell your self short or thinking negatively on your photos.

    I know professionals that hate certain photos they have while other people give them high praise for them so it's always in the eye of the beholder ;)

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    I would like to say something if I may. If you personally feel it is not appropriate or inflammatory, please use the flag button and perhaps a mod would be kind enough to delete it. I mean no offense to anyone in any of the points I’d like to state.

    I count this forum as one of the things I am grateful for. It is not just the forum itself (although William has indeed built us a terrific one!) it is the people within. Specifically, the many members here who are willing to share their experiences, their knowledge, and those who are brave enough to share their opinions and their thoughts on things.

    I value the opportunity to read various members opinions on a great number of things. When considering something in particular, I take all that I can gather in, then ‘sort’, according to my own mind. Being able to do this is quite valuable to me personally, which makes this forum a treasured resource. We are a diverse bunch, and with that diversity comes a greater strength, a broader width – to me, that diversity lends immeasurable value.

    A forum takes lots of efforts to run smoothly. It works in part because the administrator to set it to go and members do their part and make the effort to post. Let us please remember that many efforts are also made in various behind-the-screen, tedious tasks that must be kept up with. The handful of mods here have divvied up tasks in a way that we all benefit from, and I for one truly appreciate their continual work. If it were all left to one person, that individual would have so many tasks piled up that it would quickly become overwhelming.

    Without the daily work of our most active mod, this forum would not be what it is. I would respectfully ask for each of us to please remember that. Each person in this world has their individual strengths. The whole group is what creates the depth that carries the team to excellence.

    Not to stay too far off topic from this particular thread --
    As far as the POTM, I do enjoy them. I appreciate the work mac does and has been doing. I also appreciate the members who make the effort to enter the contests. I do not know (nor do I try to guess, which might be related to not knowing) who the photographers are. I simply look at each photo and use my own judgement to then vote for my opinion, based on just my opinion. That’s it. And it is fun. (Now, do I wish I had such skills to enter myself? Oh, yes. But I don’t, so getting to see others display their skills in photography is a terrific treat for me.)

    It is also a neat little treat (for me personally) to see the ‘reveal’ of who it was that took the winning photos. This is not something I already know, I suppose partly because I’ve not allowed myself to guess, but it feels like a treat when the artist gets to step from behind the curtain and take a bow.

    Besides that point: I thought I read in the rules that the photo was not required to be of your own tank, just that the photo had to be one that you have personally taken. So I guess I don’t look around the photo for clues as to the identity of the photographer, I look at the photo as its own art. (an aside: y’all would guess mine, were I to enter. It would be the one that seemed to have as the subject: “Grainy, with some blurs” that may or may not be aquatic in nature.)

    Back to the point that I wish to convey:
    I very much appreciate all of the moderators here and value the work they put in to help this space run smoothly.

    (gads, that was quite a ramble. Thanks for reading my thoughts, shared.)
    Learn from yesterday
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    Very well said Rivers.
    Perhaps it's just me but I have a very hard time trying to remember what everyone here has stocked in their tanks. Then, on top of that, many have multiple tanks! Or more than one person has the same species! So, like Rivers, I choose to look at the photos and judge on what appeals most to me. Some of the best pics I've seen (IMHO) are more about the angle or the perfect lighting than the clarity or color.
    I am extremely happy that this comp has returned as I have missed seeing all the gorgeous pics. Thanks to all of you who make this forum run as well as it does and thanks to all its members for giving me a place to "talk fish".
    DM's 20g high - journal

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    You are doing your best Mac. The forum is a very small group now. No way that some tanks and stocking won't be recognized every month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiversGirl View Post
    I very much appreciate all of the moderators here and value the work they put in to help this space run smoothly.
    Very well said RG

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    No where near as cool as Mac

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    RG, what a well versed ramble, I agree with all of it! Thank you and thanks to all of the Mods out there, past and present.
    Two 5.5g- Shrimp tanks; 1st with Bloody Mary and Rose shrimp and 2nd with Blue Dream shrimp
    Two-55 gallon tubs, 1st w/ 1BN pleco male, 3 clown pleco, gouramis, kuhli and female betta; 2nd w/female BN pleco, albino, panda and pgymy corys, and male betta.
    One tub with 90% plants and one Diva-pea puffer.

    75g-now the TUB tanks:
    5.5 G Shrimp Tanks
    75g-Goldfish Tank


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    Timaru NewZealand [south island]

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    Been busy reading through all the replies.
    All of which are greatly appreciated.

    One thing must be said. Rivers thank you for your thoughts. Also your praise.

    I am unsure for the rest of the mod team. But really its the memebers who make the community. We are here to keep trolls, spammers, glitches, all smooth and clean.

    One thing i do wish to apologize for. Namely i am not as active as a mod as i should be. Plenty of excuses. And plenty of reasons. All of which are hobby related. But never fear daily my phone is checked. And i am always upto date behind forum curtain looking on.

    The comps will soon possibly get a update to exclude a extra category. Possibly at the start of the year.


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