FIRST MALE DOJO: "Hey, how about this! Mama just cleaned our tank, and dropped those priceless rubies into it!"

FEMALE DOJO: "Those aren't rubies, dope! Those are just colored glass pieces. They're here for decoration."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "But, look! They're shaped and faceted, just like gemstones. They have to be real!"

FEMALE DOJO: "They're real pretty. That's all."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "What do YOU know about it? You're just a slithery fish!"


FEMALE DOJO: "When are we going to get fed?"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "You KNOW when Mama feeds us. Later in the day."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "I wonder if she'll be giving us some of those O-Nips, today?"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "If she does, that Rosy Barb had better not horn in on them! Big hog!"

FEMALE DOJO: "Mama breaks them up. There's usually enough to go around ...."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "But, we want them all to ourselves. Miss Barb-belle can eat the floating stuff."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Those barbs take way more than their fair share!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah? Well, they don't know about my stash!"

FEMALE DOJO: "WE don't know about your stash! Where is it?"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Oh no, you don't! I'm not sharing!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "I have my own."

FEMALE DOJO: "You shouldn't hide your food. It fouls our water when Mama can't find it."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "It's only a small stash, and temporary. I eat it as soon as I get the chance. And those greedy Barbs don't get any! Na-na-na-na-na!"


FEMALE DOJO: "You're a real smart fellow, aren't you."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Speaking of Mama and food -- here she comes, and here it is!"

FEMALE DOJO: "She's early. Maybe she has to leave and will be gone for the rest of today."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Who cares? As long as we get some."


FIRST MALE DOJO: "Well, heck! It's only the New Life Spectrum today. No O-Nips! Drat!"

FEMALE DOJO: "Stop talking and grab what you can, while the Barbs are preoccupied."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yum-Yum. These are pretty good."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Not as good as our O-Nips! Why is she being so stingy with those?"

FEMALE DOJO: "Because they're a TREAT, NOT a steady diet."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Oh, be quiet!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Well, I've had my fill . . . Look at those pipsqueaks up toward the surface, grappling over those freeze dried daphnias. That's about all they can handle."

FEMALE DOJO; "They have to get that. Their mouths are too small for our stuff ... And your mouth is too big for theirs."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Perhaps we should all three should run for political office. We ALL have big mouths!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Well, that certainly qualifies us to become politicians. Don't need much else."

FEMALE DOJO: "You'll have to learn to be more devious."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "That's EASY! If we can outsmart those stupid Barbs, we can con anyone."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "I can see it all, now! A huge 300-gallon fish tank on Capitol Hill. We'll figure out how to steal everyone's food, and charm those dumb humans into giving us more. Just like those people politicians who persuade voters to elect them despite their corruption. Piece of cake!"

FEMALE DOJO: "We don't eat cake."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "We can learn a lot from those people politicians! We'll get plenty of O-Nips, and the taxpayers will fund them. Because, we're so CUTE!"

FEMALE DOJO: "In your dreams! . . ."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Hey! Mama's leaving. Bye-bye, Mama! Thanks for the meal, such as it was . . ."

FEMALE DOJO: "You sure are the finicky one!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Naw! We're just spoiled! Mama's favorites."