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Great news on the babies. Beautiful tank, I can't wait to see the carpet fill out. I may have missed your post, but what is the GPH rating for your RODI unit? May need to consider a bigger one when you step into the salty side of things, lol.
Thanks! My RODI filter is rated for only 50g/day, but I consistently get twice that. I've times it multiple times and it spits out a gallon of pure water every 15mins.

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Very pretty tank, André
Thank you, Rivers!

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Tank looks great, Andre...need to check out those foods you mentioned
They're amazing foods, no hassle. Great quality. I picked up the BorneoWild and Shirakura foods from Amazon. The Aqua Eden was bought through DiscoBee.

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The tank looks fantastic. That carpet is filling in nicely.
Thank you!

The marsilea minuta us definitely taking its time haha Even in a high-tech setup, it grows slowly. It's getting there, though!