I have an positivly identified pond snails in my second aquarium. I got them from plants gotten from major chain store, ive been culling then evry other day, whiping of snail slime (eggs) from lid, have taken out all plants and decorations.

Tank is 20g breeder tank with 6/7 immature swordtails, under 10 glass shrimp, and 3panda corys. Just not sure on swords lol might be more, filter is 30 gallon waterfall with no carbon, ceramic bio media and three diffrent floss filters. Fully cycled was running year and a half before waning to swictch to real plants. Oh and heater.

They have taken over tank, to the point of me finding them on outside of the tank. If ive negleted to cull them. Really do not want loaches in this tank as i put my fry from main tank in this tank to mature/ grow before trading to small lps. Not meaning to breed but happens with healthy tanks and swords, owner od lps loves the color veration iv got, usually gold/orange with black tail, not as orange are red velvets, but darker orange than pinapples.

Ive though after rehousing fish in talnk just starting fresh in tank, but cant aford all new equipment. Was thnking adding aquarium salt and running for a while ( or bleac/vinger) to kill off any snail eggs sacks. They are in bio material, i will buy difrent sub strate.

Thoughly scrubbing down cleaning and restarting and using it again as a fry tank..

Would doing this acually kill off the snail eggs? Or should i just buy new tank and equipment???