So I have a 55 gal that is slowly getting ready for angelfish. Got my amazon swords, vals and driftwood, just waiting to finish cycling . I have always wanted to have angels but never been able to. So now that I have the space I am looking for what else I could as to fill out the tank that would not be a problem for them.
I wouldn't mind adding either mollies are platies as I do love these fish but need a way to control the excessive breeding - such as what angels will likely naturally give me. However I was wondering about adding either Emperor Tetras or something else that would look nice with angels. Of course I'll probably have some cories for cleanup crew.

Also can I get confirmation that in a 55 gal I could get away with 4 angels ? Will that be best or should I stick with 2-3? I've heard different things on aggression, amounts, pairing etc... want to get this right before I ever add them. I do plan to start with small angels while not overloading for adult size