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    Exclamation Dragon Blood Aggression

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    Our male dragon blood is about 4.5 inches at this point. Maybe a little more. He is by far the largest fish in the tank and the most dominant.

    He does chase almost everyone to a point. However, he is relentless with my male red empress. The Red Empress has had his fins chewed up quite well. This happens on and off. It has probably been going on for about 5 months. We were so concerned at one point, that we quarantined the red empress so that his fins would grow back and he would de-stress. This did start 5 months ago when both were the same size and the red empress decided to color up. Since that quarantine episode, the fish is basically colorless. He is also quite a bit smaller from lack of eating at some points.

    We do have other fish in the tank the same size as this red empress and smaller. However, the dragon blood seems laser focused on this particular fish. The red empress doesn't seem to stand up for itself very well. I'm a little confused, because I thought if any fish in the tank would be a bully, it would have been that red empress. However, he is proving to be a little too docile.

    The 3 blue dolphins we have mainly chase each other while 2 of them go at it open mouth sometimes. They occasionally chase the red empress and sometimes he chases them. Our 3 yellow labs also mostly chase each other with the male yellow lab very occasionally chasing the dragon blood and red empress. We have a younger red empress that really hasn't grown in size much, but I feel it is so small and we cannot be 100% sure of the sex that no one cares about it too much. Our newest fish, a red top zebra, has grown a lot! That thing eats like crazy. However, he is still second smallest in the tank. He occasionally gets chased by the yellow labs and blue dolphins. He seems like he will be quite feisty when he gets more mature. He doesn't seem very timid of anyone. Our pleco and catfish are not bothered. Just trying to describe the tank to get the full picture.

    We do have a bunch of caves. We have moved things around at times. It's a 110 gallon tank. Would appreciate any advice.

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    Cichlids will push out other cichlids that are 25% larger or 25% smaller than themselves and have similar coloration and/or body type. These are seen as competition. You can't force them to live together.

    Rehome one of the fish. If it hasn't worked out in 5 months, there is nothing you can do short of buying a longer tank with more fish or waiting 2 years of keeping them separated and then hoping it will work out once your re-introduce them 2 years later.

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    Not having any experience with cichlids-re-homing seems the best advice.
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    I agree with Rocksor, I would re-home. I had a 2 cichlids (1 hybrid) I bought when they were only about 1", but once they reached about 5" in length the hybrid began the constant bullying. It became so bad that the Red Zebra nearly had all of his fins taken off in 2 days. Needless to say the hybrid was sold to my LFS and found a new home within 1 week. He was so aggressive that when they dumped him in a 90gal at the store he immediately started chasing every other fish in the tank, including Dempsey's and Green Terrors that were bigger than him.
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