Hi fish peeps :)

I have been setting up a new 29 gallon tank. My hardscaping is complete. And my mega ninja plant order comes tomorrow!

I am at the beginning of cycling. So far .25 ammonia .5 nitrites 0 nitrates.

I have learned that it is best to let the conditions in the aquarium settle after reaching nitrogen cycle targets. So I think maybe I should use this time to set up a quarantine tank, to avoid some heartache down the line.

I am thinking a 20 gallon, no substrate?? Is that the best size? Can I fill it with water from my existing tank since the cycle is getting started?

My fish will be on the nano side: rummynose tetra, green neon tetra, bronze or panda corys and some shrimp. I'm thinking 10 of each.

I will of course look up some detailed instructions before I set up the quarantine.

Any further input appreciated!