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Ok I understand. Angelfish are not that delicate, but they won't do well in a small tank especially while it's cycling. Just better to wait for them until your 60g is cycled.
I completely understand a large tank is much better for most species. I am much less clear on why I can buy an angel that is living in a 15 gallon tank with 30 other angels, and put her in a 10G with few tetras and that would somehow make her ill in a day. She was either sick when I bought her (I doubt that) or the tank transition shocked her with exposure to 1ppm nitrites. (much more likely IMO). We'll never know, but I raised a few angels in a 10G long term, long ago when I didn't know any better. That was decades ago and the reason I didn't think it was a big factor to put her in a 10G for a week while the 60G finished cycling.