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    Default How often do shrimps molt?

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    I looked in my tank a little while ago and saw another shrimpie molt thingy (not sure on the technical name as you can see I am new to shrimps - lol) It seems like every time I look in my tank I am seeing a new molt. Just wondering how often do they molt usually?
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    I am new to shrimp as well, and when I first got mine I was finding at least two in my tank a day. I have about 25 shrimp, and that was about a month ago. Now I find about 1-3 every week. I know that does not help much. Just my experience. I would like to know from other experienced shrimp keepers as well.

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    I think it's just called exoskeleton, but I wonder the same. They are supposed to see the malt as a food source, but I think I baby mine too much with better food sources....

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    im not sure, and i dont keep FW shrimp anymore, but in my reef my coral banded shrimp molds a few times per month

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    I always see molted exoskeletons in my invert tanks...not sure of the actual length of time before molts....could check at or
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    it would depend on temp and feeding

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    I have to keep the temperature around 79 degrees because of the other fish in my tank. They are constantly eating either algae or some of the sinking wafers I feed my cories so I guess that's why I see little exoskeletons all the time. I just hope they aren't eating too much...Little piggys - lol
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  8. Default

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    When they are young I think they molt around once a week. After a month or so they should only molt every 1 month. At least this is my experience. However, I can't keep track of all the exoskeletons in my tank so I may have missed a few or something.

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    Oh okay. I just got them about a month ago and they were all young so that explains why I am seeing so many little exoskeletons lying around the tank.
    10 Gallon: Planted Red Cherry Shrimp
    65 Gallon: Planted South American Community
    30 Gallon: Planted Bolivian Ram Tank

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