Hey there! I am working on cycling a 20 gallon tank with live plants in it. I know that I want african dwarf frogs, but I haven't concretely decided what else to add to the tank, and how many. I'd love some suggestions! I think setting aside 2.5g ea. for the frogs, so 2-3 frogs and 7.5g would be good for them? Which gives me a solid 13 gallons or so to add other things.

I'd also like to mention that I have acquired a small ramhorn pest snail species with my plants that I'm not particularly fond of keeping around, so picking tank-mates that might help with that (even if that means getting rid of or lowering their food source) is something I'd consider. I don't want assassin snails or a fish that eats snails though because I don't want the snail-eating fish for a community tank (unless there is a species I'm unaware of that would work), and I'd really like an apple or nerite snail... plus I don't want a large assassin snail population to replace the ramhorns... so looks like I'll keep picking them out to keep them in control?

Species I'm considering:

* Apple Snail: I love the way they look and they might help keep the plants under control, but I'm not sure how worried I should be that one would ruin my plants? I originally was really hoping to get one so advice on how worried I should be about my plants would be helpful. I currently have anubias and anacharis plants in the tank.
* Nerite snail: Ornamental snails are cool, and I love that they eat algae! Not sure I'm going to be in love with the eggs they are going to leave everywhere, tho... so I might skip on one of these and go only for one of the apple snails.
* Corydoras Catfish: They're cute and I enjoy bottom feeders. I'm also really interested in their personalities and the way that they behave together. It sounds like groups of 6 is supeerrrrr cool to watch and where they are happiest? However, I'm not sure that any number of them (at least two to keep them happy) would work with my tank size alongside the frogs as they need a lot of space, to my understanding? Would having a bottom feeder be much trouble for the frogs, that also mostly stick to the bottom of the tank? I'm planning on watching that the frogs each enough very carefully. I also read somewhere that sucker fish might try to eat their shedding skin and end up harming them, tho I don't know that will apply for the cory catfish or other sucker fish?
* Guppies: Guppy fry would be great for the frogs to catch & eat now and then! Plus it would be fun to have a small schooling fish in the tank. Is 2 females enough per male? If so, I might consider using up a decent chunk of my space and getting 6 (2 males, 4 females). If they frogs start eating the guppy fry, though, should I worry about them trying to target the adult fish later on? Will they start looking at them like food, too? I think I read somewhere that they could, but if they are properly fed, they should leave the adults alone, right? I can't imagine, since the frogs aren't particularly fast, that that would be a problem?
* Ghost shrimp: I find them fascinating and they might help clean up a bit? I'm not sure if the frogs/betta trying to eat them would be a concern or not, though. Perhaps dependent on their temperament?
* Mollies, Neon Tetras, Zebra Danios: I don't think I'd have room for a 2nd schooling fish aside from the guppies (even if I did only 3 guppies). But I thought I'd mention that I do enjoy them, as long as I am posting here asking for advice on stocking. The neon tetras are probably my favorite of fish as far as looks go, and I might even like the way they look more than the guppies, but I thought the guppies might be better for breeding and producing fry for the frogs.
* Beta: I LOVE the way that they look. However, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with feeling out if my particular betta is compatible with other tank-mates or not. I'd love love love to have a betta/frog together, but I'd also want to return the betta I picked up if it was too aggressive for the tank. And I have a strong visual preference for the males over the females, so it would definitely be risky and I don't want the frog to feel stressed, so I've almost ruled it out completely. But also thought it might be worth mentioning since I'm completely at 0 with what I currently have in my tank and having frogs/a betta could be a really interesting tank to view/I'd totally be mesmerized and in love. I've also never owned a betta before, and the idea of one is really exciting to me!

SO. With all this taken into account, I think something like this would work best, but I'd love advice for other options/feedback on some of my concerns/options!

- 3-4 African dwarf frogs (aprox. 7-10 gallons)
- 1-2 ghost shrimp (2 gallons)
- 1 apple snail (1-2 gallon)
- 6 guppies (6 gallons)

(If I found a betta that worked temperament-wise, I might be able to make that work with a tank like this, minus some or all of the guppies?)